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I wrote a short blog post on a few Github Actions oddities that I have run in to while adding them to our repos:

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“By deplatforming fascists, you become a fascist.”

Yeah, well... to quote Eugen, “that doesn’t work on me.”

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whenever someone says "no pun intended" sometimes I will ask them "why didn't you intend the pun?"

Recently I have gone through hell and back figuring out how to test React Hooks in enzyme. I think a blog post is a brewing.

I recently switched to Firefox Developer Edition and wow. The dev experience is leaps and bounds better than Chrome already.

This is how I felt when I originally switched to Chrome from Firefox because of the dev tools.

I think I found my new browser for a while.

Last year I deleted my Facebook account and never missed it.

This year I have deleted my Twitter and Reddit accounts and I do not miss them.

I am hoping to eventually move my email off of gmail. This one will take longer since I have had the same address since 2004, but I realize it's a process.

I have been transferring over to ethical alternatives or no alternatives at all and my life has been significantly improved.

This is a long process but I feel like it will be worth it in the end.

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