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Ask HN: Why are e-ink note-taking devices so expensive compared to iPads?

The topmost comment is interesting. Apparently patents drive costs up to some extent.

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Since end 2020 banned linking in FB posts to stating "violation of community standards". Multiple people filed complaints but nothing happened, no responses, no explanations, nothing. Please help (RT/like or comment how to proceed). Thanks!

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🇬🇧Citizens' emails on #chatcontrol and #TERREG never even make it to the inbox of MEPs due to the Microsoft spam filter system used by the European Parliament, which MEPs cannot even disable.

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Dear Mastodon, we're ~60 followers away from 12K! Can you help us get there?

Help by spreading the word that:

🔵 Privacy is a human right.

🔵 Tracking & surveillance are widespread on the internet.

🔵 Tor is a nonprofit that can help you take back your privacy online.

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Apple qui a des problèmes de SSD soudé et qui cherche une solution pour éviter de devoir rappeler tous les MAC M1 vendus pour procéder à un échange de carte-mère…

La solution, ben, elle était toute simple : ça s'appelle ne PAS souder sur la carte-mère ce qui ne doit pas être soudé, autrement dit toutes les pièces d'usure, comme la batterie, le stockage…

Après, le Mac tient de plus en plus de l'iPad. Et c'est la raison pour laquelle je n'utilise plus de Mac.

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Cette taxe sur la copie privée pour le reconditionné est injustifiable : elle est déjà payée sur le matériel neuf.

Elle est le fruit du lobbying des société d'auteurs rentières et des constructeurs de matériel neuf.


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> #SonoBus is an easy to use application for streaming high-quality, low-latency peer-to-peer audio between devices over the internet or a local network


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#Security #InfoSec : Check your #Gmail and #Hotmail accounts (or get away from them) « More than 3.2 billion unique pairs of cleartext emails and passwords have just been leaked on a popular hacking forum, aggregating past leaks from Netflix, LinkedIn,, Bitcoin and more. This leak is comparable to the Breach Compilation of 2017, in which 1.4 billion credentials were leaked » ⚠️

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DECK, L’équivalent libre et open source de Trello dans votre cloud Zaclys

Deck est un outil d’organisation de type Kanban destiné à la planification personnelle et à l’organisation de projets pour les équipes


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C'est un des plus gros morceau que j’héberge. Très utilisé pendant les vagues #COVID, assez marqué. Au pif je dirai une moyenne de 30 utilisateurs connectés "non stop" de 9h à 21h. des pics a 60 utilisateurs. La VM tient bien la charge, la liaison internet aussi. La maintenances se font le soir ou le WE, moins chargés. Powered by #jitsi

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Taking over GGC-Project and

Nikisoft keeps growing and extending the range of free services!
Free software,free as in freedom,not only free beer,is more than just a way of development - it's a lifestyle.
We feel the spirit of freedom when working on our services,making sure everyone can utilize digital freedom without bigger knowledge about computers.
That's the main reason why we keep open source service providers alive and put even more work on ourselves.
GGC-Project has been a good partner of Nikisoft for years - They've always been the first to deploy our software updates and they've always been providing great free services that we used to make our software or even for personal purposes.
As the leader of GGC-Project wanted to step back in December,it was clear that GGC-Project with all of it's great services and happy users has to be kept alive.
Now he can focus on new projects,creating own open source software himself and maybe some day,things will be reversed and we deploy his software - We will see 😃
During the first weeks in GGC-Project leadership,we improved privacy even further by disabling more logs with a strict no-log policy as ultimate goal.
Additionally we installed some software updates,that finally enables livestreams for #PeerTube ,a thing many people have been waiting for for a long time.
Another thing we already did is bringing some services like #Nitter and #Searx back online which have been offline for months after putting one of the old servers down.
#Invidious and #Bibliogram are still offline unfortunately but we have plans for them,too.
Our vision for GGC-Project is to keep the project with all of its services alive,extend it with other useful open-source projects and keep the community growing.
GGC-Project has always been a community project,it wouldn't have been possible without all the users who have given feedback and the team members who have helped the main administrators,therefore I'm happy to announce that the team stays the same,except the former lead administrator.
We made the transition possible with zero downtime as the infrastructure stays the same,too.
Now that everything has gone well,however,we will evaluate where it makes sense to combine the Nikisoft and GGC-Project infrastructure.
For example,we're planning to move the mail addresses from a proprietary service provider to the GGC-Project #Mailcow installation and we're looking forward to launch a combined status page which provides an overview about the whole Nikisoft service network.
Shortly after taking over GGC-Project,we received a notice from the leader of that he wants to hand over the legal responsibility for personal reasons. is a chat server in the #Matrix network open for public registrations.
It was build together with Nikisoft from the very beginning to provide a GDPR-compliant messaging solution to the world for free.
The technical operation of has always been handled by Nikisoft,so nothing changes here.
Also the former leader is still part of the project so basically the only visible difference is the address in the imprint.
With this change in responsibility we feel like it's time to officially list as one of Nikisofts free privacy-respecting services.
We want to make clear at this point that is here to stay,we'll keep the current infrastructure which is fully independent from the other services and keep operating as a separate project to ensure that the service quality stays as high as it's always been.
Especially in recent days when alternative messaging platforms are experiencing a massive growth,we see a big chance in giving Matrix to the masses,making the future of communications independent and decentralized.
That's all for now,thank you very much for going the long way together with us and reading our service update.
If you have any feedback or questions,do not hesitate to contact us - It works as a comment directly below this post using any ActivityPub compatible software.

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A great way to help ensure the protection of your personal #privacy though the #advocacy of #FOSS and the #Fediverse is to avoid providing links to monolithic silos like #YouTube and #InstaSPAM from within the Fediverse.

Using tools like #Bibliogram and #Yotter, or #Nitter and others, posting links to videos and other content through these FOSS tools instead.

For example, here's a YouTube video on how to use #Invidious, and I've posted the link through Invideous itself to demonstrate how you too can help in making a difference:

Of course, uploading videos, photos, songs, and podcasts directly to instances in the Fediverse itself using servers running #PeerTube, #Pixelfed, and #Funkwhale are ideal solutions, but when such content isn't available in the Fediverse directly the tools above do a nice job at protecting the privacy of others and yourself - without being tracked and quantified as a commodity to be harvested like a crop.

#tallship #Vger #Cheezburgerz! 🍔

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I'm not sure if anyone else did this before so I just went ahead and did it: I've curated a list of alternative frontends to popular websites, like #Invidious, #Nitter, #Searx, #Bibliogram, etc.

I'm also including a "browserless alternative" whenever possible (i.e. youtube-dl for YouTube, etc)

Do you know any other besides the ones listed?

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Now that #mainstream discovered #Signal, it is time to start pushing @briar . Digital human rights activist's job is never done!

That being said, there are hurdles with #Briar that make it somewhat hard to get more people using it. A big one is lack of #iOS client, which is *not easy* to fix:

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Connaissez-vous Toobib?

"Toobib est un outil opensource / libre et décentralisé de prise de rendez-vous médical. Toobib présente les informations (numéro de téléphone, courriel, etc) d'un praticien de santé, sans compromettre les données des utilisateurs. "

Créer et réserver des plages de rendez-vous,

Fédérer des instances Toobib (utilisation du protocole ActivityPub),

Au revoir Doctolib?

#médecine #privacy #santé #données

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