Every absurdity has a champion who will defend it.

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Activists Call for Release of Swedish Programmer Ola Bini ow.ly/w3yC30osxkH

The nowaday Facebook's users do not give a shit about what happen behind the scene, otherwise would has been dropped long time ago.
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Remember when was recently caught asking its users for their emails' account passwords?

Facebook today admitted that it "unintentionally" 🙄👎 used access to 1.5 million email accounts and collected contacts without users' knowledge and consent


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Omar al-Bashir has been deposed as President of , but he has still not been held accountable for war crimes and genocide in Darfur.

What kind of fine can be considerate proportionate when you have laundered 28.5 billions? Deutsche Bank faces action over $20bn Russian money-laundering scheme theguardian.com/business/2019/

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US Elites Vilifying Are The Same Elites Exposed 21stcenturywire.com/2019/04/17 @jimmy_dore@twitter.com @Jonathan_K_Cook@twitter.com @CassandraRules@twitter.com @RedactedTonight@twitter.com @wikileaks@twitter.com

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.@Lenin@twitter.com continuing to make false and outrageous allegations about including that he is a “cyber terrorist”. I hope @BBCWorld@twitter.com is also reporting human rights commission finding that Assange’s expulsion was unlawful and the street protests in Quito today against it twitter.com/bbcworld/status/11

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Pentagon Papers lawyer James Goodale: The indictment of Assange is a snare and a delusion -- "to divert attention from the basic fact that this indictment punishes the publication of truthful information" thehill.com/opinion/criminal-j

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WikiLeaks refutes President Moreno’s grotesque lies about Assange. They are a crude attempt to distract from Moreno’s own corruption scandals in Ecuador and the cowardly expulsion of our publisher into the reach of US authorities.

La dice lunga un mondo che piange e si sconvolge per un simbolo andato letteralmente in fumo, e passa oltre con indifferenza quando ad andare in fumo sono le carni di milioni di persone di ogni età e sesso, ma di appartenenze differenti.

The words who Martin Luther King spoke are more actual than ever, 《...the substance of the dream is expressed in these sublime words, words lifted to cosmic proportions: that all are created equal》

Well, she made the point!
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@neeratanden FASCISM

*State detaining journalist without charge for 8years!

*State torturing whistleblower!

*State/Corp/Media collusion to produce propaganda!

*State/Corp collusion to block media funds!

*State assassination threat!

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The attempt by the British, Ecuadorian and US governments to force the removal of journalist and WikiLeaks founder to the United States is an antidemocratic conspiracy and a brazen violation of international law. wsws.org/en/articles/2019/04/1

From all the footages of the 's permanence within the Ecuadorian embassy, the only one thing that is crystal clear is that the one to be constantly spied on was Julian itself. What is going on is the most ridiculous campaign ever about how to discredit someone.

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WATCH: German parliamentarians make statement on imprisonment for work in relation to in front of London Belmarsh prison.

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