is just another censor machine, bitch for those who can pay to turn the reality upside-down.
Why @jack ? - "Top Assange Defense Account Deleted By Twitter"

Amazon is a deep state asset.
Don’t use Alexa. Amazon admitted to a Senate inquiry that it transcribes and stores everything you say indefinitely, even when you didn’t activate Alexa. And recordings you delete are never actually deleted.

Why there are so many important causes without attention and a lot of idiots taking action against things that they decided are bad, like suicide prevention. Live and let die, go thinking about those who cannot defend themselves adequately, like children for example.

Saudi Arabia:

- Dismembers journalists;

- Chops off the heads of dissidents, crucifies them and puts their bodies on public display;

- Commits mass murder in ;

- Fuels terrorism worldwide;

Yet still somehow sits on the UN Human Rights Council.

Monsters like are going to bring our community back instead of let it progress forward. As always just for the profit sake. Boycott them, do not use their services. The future is a free and green public transportation.

The copyright hypocrisy

Megaupload received 33 million copyright takedown notices in its lifetime.

Google received 4.1 billion copyright takedown notices and counting.

I’m fighting extradition.

Sergey and Larry are meeting world leaders on a $200 million Superyacht in Cannes.

Facial recognition isn't convenient, it is unsafe. Stop the invasive surveillance End your biometric boarding program now.

Time to call Julian Assange what he is: a political prisoner persecuted for publishing information that revealed crimes of the powerful. Democrats, Republicans & global elites despise him for exposing war crimes & corruption. Fight for his freedom to protect our own!

Mural of imprisoned founder Julian Assange in Cerro de Pasco, Peru, the highest city in the world. via

L'umanità verrà soggiogata non da armi e prigioni ma da schermi e intrattenimento.

Here you can see why there is so much crap on this platform.
Actual footage of 98% of Twitter discussions.

Daniel Ellsberg “There hasn’t actually been such a significant attack on the freedom of the press … since my case in 1971.” Almost 50 years later, 50 years!

2. getting the attention they wanted to have. If so, a lot of people will follow, and if they want Assange they must arrest also all of us! Therefore, where are you all ?

1. I think that if someone must do the very first serious step against the US charges under the Espionage Act. against those should be all the Journalists of which published all the Wikileaks informations,

Here you can hear how the condition of the detention of are
Share everywhere: Gordon Dimmack: “I received a letter from Julian Assange” via @YouTube

2. any demonstration. Wouldn't be easier to start a global revolution to let all governmental corporatism fall apart?

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