After years of Ubuntu been venturing to Arch Linux land in the past week. Black Arch and Garuda are excellent distros. Should’ve done this ages ago.

Like, I'm watching right now and drinking tereré. Worse things can happen in this life :D

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. Despite all the problems, it's not often that I get to watch all my favorite sports in the span of few days: cycling (mtb and road), judo, wrestling, boxing. Maybe even watch something I'm not normally that interested in, like tae kwon do.

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So you know how the 1541 has a 6502 in it? (it's basically a computer in a disk drive, but it has no display...)

So um

Here's a demo, and a writeup about the demo, on how to make a demo for a 1541 disk drive.

and have it display stuff.



Mind you the start of the demo showed cutting cables and I was very "NOOOooOOOO don't damage the equipment" so I hope people make custom cables instead of damaging cables but that's me

#demoscene #6502

I've been dabbling with , , and several dialects recently (as well as ever present and work-related TypeScript). I kept having this nagging "can't you just pick one" feeling, so feels good to read something that says "why should you, really?". Of course one could argue I could be far more proficient in said languages if I could focus, but then again maybe I see different ways of solving problems not being tied down to one paradigm / language / syntax.

It still amazes me how good mastodon is. Not just technically (although I really like the system), but people here write and feel like people of the internet of olden times. Before FB brought the dark underbelly of humanity to daylight. And made good people go underground.

@jk Muistan sellaisen hetken, että käveltiin Hakkarissa kohti Viipaletta (tai hiekkakenttää) ja oltiin K. Samin kanssa, joka kertoi miten "siistiä oli päästä ampumaan demoneja" Doomissa.

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Ah, Doom. Been playing new Doom(s) and loving the gameplay.

But it made me remember playing Wolfenstain 3D at @jk 's house (and getting color monitor for my PC shortly after). And the impact Doom had on us after it reached us. I used Amiga and a PC together until that point, and mostly Amiga at that. But I had to get Doom. And that sealed Amigas fate in the end.

Looking back, Amiga UX was probably 10-15 years ahead of PC and Microsoft. Too bad was not Amiga 1600 that had the game.

Inventory time!
- Raspberry Pi 4b
- 2x Raspberry Pi 3b+
- 3x Raspberry Pi Zero W
- Arduino Mega
- 3x Arduino Uno
- Arduino Micro
- Arduino MKR1000
- Adafruit PyBadge
- Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
- BBC Micro:Bit

—- and tons of related stuff and shields.

I don’t think I have a problem, I just don’t want to dismantle projects I like :D

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Spent a while fiddling with emacs configs. I really like , but new release is not happening anytime soon. Eyed , but I had Spacemacs pretty comfortable already.

Luckily this was not uncommon use case, enter . Few minutes of setting up and now I can have vanilla emacs, Spacemacs and Dev of the same and Doom Emacs easily switched. Man, this is awesome.

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RT @jupenur
OP called me earlier today to ask for the vulnerable URL from the video. I explicitly warned them that blacklisting URLs is a lousy idea and won't fix anything.

Now "op[.]fi/vulnerable/path" is blacklisted... and "op[.]fi//vulnerable/path" still works 🤦

Made a timelapse camera with the kid. Really simple setup with Raspberry Pi w/ camera module. A little arts'n'crafts with milk carton. Fun times.

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Welp, did it. Coded something "real" in . Really like the snappiness and the simple IDE packaged with it.

Down side is that now I'm constantly mixing my poorly undestood with my even poorer grasp of racket.
I guess it all pays of in the end though.

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our anti capitalist martyr

It’s been a while, but baking bread again. Rye sourdough bread, straight from the oven.

I mean, Clojure sure. But probably not Common Lisp though.

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