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Spent a while fiddling with emacs configs. I really like , but new release is not happening anytime soon. Eyed , but I had Spacemacs pretty comfortable already.

Luckily this was not uncommon use case, enter . Few minutes of setting up and now I can have vanilla emacs, Spacemacs and Dev of the same and Doom Emacs easily switched. Man, this is awesome.

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RT @jupenur
OP called me earlier today to ask for the vulnerable URL from the video. I explicitly warned them that blacklisting URLs is a lousy idea and won't fix anything.

Now "op[.]fi/vulnerable/path" is blacklisted... and "op[.]fi//vulnerable/path" still works 🤦

Made a timelapse camera with the kid. Really simple setup with Raspberry Pi w/ camera module. A little arts'n'crafts with milk carton. Fun times.

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Welp, did it. Coded something "real" in . Really like the snappiness and the simple IDE packaged with it.

Down side is that now I'm constantly mixing my poorly undestood with my even poorer grasp of racket.
I guess it all pays of in the end though.

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our anti capitalist martyr

It’s been a while, but baking bread again. Rye sourdough bread, straight from the oven.

I mean, Clojure sure. But probably not Common Lisp though.

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In meeting I keep inserting jokes about replacing Java with Common Lisp. Beginning to fear people are thinking I’m serious.

Sheesh, my 2000 Puntala Rock t-shirt used to be loose. Now fits quite tightly around the midsection. What happened?

Oh man, awk. This brings back memories. Under utilised tool now days.

The pain of trying to get AWS Lambda to handle OracleDB.

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Who need continuous integration, when tar writes to stdout and ssh can transfer from stdin

The best thing about meetups is getting ideas and inspiration. Not necessarily totally fresh eyes on own infrastructure, but all these ideas popping in my head. Well worth the few hours now and then.

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Ylen toinen hyvä tänään, Notre Damen paloa koskevassa jutussa: kattoa ei voida enää rakentaa samalla tekniikalla kun riittävän isoa puuta ei kasva enää missään.

Siinä teille metsäpoliitikoille pohdittavaa.

Had flu and while home sick, dabbled with . All I did was some hello world level stuff, but was intrigued. Should I put some effort into learning this? And if not Clojure, what then? ? Kinda like the ruby-ish syntax. ?

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Having tons of fun fiddling around with Zero W and Blinkt! So many ideas, sooo many.

Got to the point where I ordered few kits more, along with "full sized" 3B+.

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