You shouldn't call Howard Schultz a billionaire, he's right.

You should call him a labour parasite

so is anyone doing the movim thing? or the diaspora thing?

2012: low powered netbooks for internet browsing
2018: browsing the internet is one of the most resource intensive tasks you can do on a computer

Almost as dumb as the time UNSW built a bell tower and forgot to put a bell in it

So they named a place in Australia Newcastle and never bothered building a new castle there what the fuck

The cow is actually a mutant fuelled by latent fascism

So ppl what is the best effective option in your opinion: prgmr, digital option, linode..

Reminder: every Mastodon instance is stored safely as a pattern and a matter stream in Fort Knox where, in the event of a nuclear attack, all rich people will swim, Scrooge McDuck-esque, through their conceptual spacetime

Hi everyone I just switched over to lineageOS without properly backing up or disabling 2fa and promptly ruined a whole heap of my own shit like an idiot don't be like me

GOD: abraham, your son, isaac, you gotta cancel him sis

ABRAHAM: thou will be the the tea, my Lord

ABRAHAM: *raises knife to kill Isaac*

GOD: lmao chief this ain’t it *points to a goat or a lamb or something i dont remember*

ISAAC: gonna be a yikes from me

I’m Squid President and I endorse Spooky Skeleton for Congress.

"You wouldn't download a car!"

Two things:
1. You don't know me
2. Fuck you

as a millennial, I was drawn like a moth to this oversized glowing avocado

When is Consolas or Inconsolata going to support ligatures?

Bunch of psychopaths popping up having a cry that people have a stance against their bigotry in a code of conduct. Grow up.

Any mastodon clients that support wear os? Yes, i wasted money on a smartwatch

there are only two genders: the brazilian digimon opening and the german naruto opening

They should rename Siri to Ciri and just have her cuss you out in Polish whenever you ask her something

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