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Avatar: The Last Airbender is now officially an anime according to YouTube

Overheard: "I am surprised that so many people are surprised it is so busy now [in this shop]"

Making some nice progress on my first article. Strangely enough writing for a blog is a lot harder then writing a tutorial.

If you love working on the command-line as much as I do, you may like what I have been working on recently!

Meet glow - a stylish #markdown viewer for your shell:

commit 5f4715f814dde50c30aabb5b27b911f32c4e47ac
Author: Noah Loomans
Date: Sun Dec 22 22:25:13 2019 +0100

add support for actual arrow keys

Apparently some people use other keys then j and k.

I'm adding a blog to my website! The first article will be about my experience with sourcehut, which I have used for a year now.

I will use @sir's openring of course.

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