Can't get elder scrolls online to work on ubuntu for some reason, even while using proton. Everything is just black and the installer doesn't work. Anyone have the same issue?

@suetanvil Yup protondb gives it a gold but idk why cause for me I can't even install it. I requested for a steam support ticket but they have not got back to me yet but I will update you guys once I know how. Thanks for the advice.


There's some advice in the ProtonDB page that you could try. FWIW, I find games to be *really* sensitive to the Proton version you're using.

I had a similar issue with Fallout:New Vegas and after spending *far* too much enabling logging and other debugging activities, I tried switching to the exact Proton version listed on ProtonDB and it suddenly worked fine.

@suetanvil Elder Scrolls Online works BTW sorry for the late update

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