In a regular cadence of Java releases, will stand out as the most groundbreaking one, probably for years, Here's why:

So what are records all about?

Avoiding boilerplate?
Generating Java beans?
Poorly copying Scotlin features?


📺Introducing Spring Native for JHipster: Serverless Full-Stack Made Easy
Learn something new from the man with the van(s).
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My latest screencast shows how you can start your @jhipster + Spring Boot app in under a second with Spring Native and @graalvm. I hope you learn something from it! 😃


Editing the next Newscast, I heard myself say "to summarize" so often, it starts sounding like "two samurais". Start of a (dad) joke?

Virtual threads are amazing, but only half of Loom's play. The other half is making use of quasi infinite threads with a new concurrency programming model: Structured Concurrency.

JEP 428 proposes that - will it make it into 19 🤞

TIL about Maven Central from Sonatype's Joel Orlina:

* 496 Billion requests in 2021
* probably >600 Billion in 2022
* ~54 PB (petabyte!) of bandwidth in 2021
* 8.8 million component versions
* 27 TB of memory in an S3 bucket

Pattern matching in switch will have its third preview in 19. It comes with two changes:

* guarded patterns (`&&`) are out; `when` clauses are in
* `null` needs to be handled by a specific `case null`

More in the latest Inside Java Newscast:

Over the last weeks, I've back-filled and updated my X Feature Demo, all the way up to 18, including a bit of vector API image manipulation - check it out:

Very interesting article by Dan Heidinga on when to initialize static final fields:

* at build time (for Graal's native image)
* before a checkpoint (for CRaC et al)
* as late as possible (for "classic" execution)

New challenges for developers ahead! Particularly for library/framework developers as supporting several approaches comes with extra complexity.

I came here in preparation for the Musk-Exodus on Twitter. 😉 Expect a bunch of tweets from me. 😃

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