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It seems my Mastodon to Twitter bridge broke some time ago so I'm testing now.

I don't have a need to tweet, but as long as there's an easy way to cross-post I'll keep the bridge going just to make following my content easier.

I blogged about effortless end-to-end testing with Microsoft Playwright. The automated testing scene has started to look really great in a post-Selenium world beginning from Cypress et al.

2021 begins with pseudo-viking-LARP taking place in the Capitol building.

At least it's not Sons of Jacob marching in to establish the Republic of Gilead... yet.

🔥 Node.js version manager (nvm) is not particularly pleasant to use, but an alternative I discovered (fnm) at least doesn't cripple your shell startup time.

Like all good software, it's cross-platform and built with Rust. 🦀

#GitHub has a serious case of 'create a problem only to be able to write a grandiose blog post about how we saved all developers from the problem we created'.

Now they've taken down a repo because it had an Iranian contributor & they were supposedly so scared of the U.S. sanctions (which amount to a medieval siege btw) imposed on #Iran and the possible penalties for them were they they to leave the repo up, only to publish a grand blog post about how they unblocked all of GitHub for Iranians.

shouting into the void and a haskell developer is shouting back that void is a code smell

As 2020 is nearing the end, it's good to acknowledge how shitty year it has been. If you're feeling exhausted and have little interest to study anything outside work, you're not alone, and it's completely OK — time to think things anew.

This style guide for making command-line apps inspired by the GitHub CLI is amazing. I will definitely be referencing this when designing command-line functionality next time. 🔥

Bilbo Baggins: I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.

Other Hobbits:

How odd it took a long-lasting pandemic for me to realize how great it is to order groceries to home. Saves money and nerves.

Similar to the grown positive attitude towards remote working, this year evidently has its silver linings.

If eSports and CS: GO is your thing, my employer is orchestrating a tournament with Tampere University this weekend. The channel goes live tonight at 6:00 PM (EET).

Watch on Twitch:

Working remotely is cool.
Working remotely from home is ok.
Working remotely from home with kids is meh.
Working remotely from home with kids during a pandemic is hard.
Working remotely from home with kids during a pandemic and in the middle of the BayBlades mania is FUCKING HELL.

Had to squint and read the title a couple of times. Definitely not groundbreaking revelation to myself, but it's still a fact. Play is good for us.

The scheduled duration of a 'quick' meeting with 4 attendees: 30 minutes

Actual duration cost of the meeting: 2 x duration x the number of participants = 4 hours.

Make a note of this when you have to book a meeting next time.

Congratulations to Kamala Harris, the first woman to be elected Vice President!

Necessary disclaimer: I respect the hard work done by CD Projekt and anyone aspiring to work in the games business.

Just a casual reminder, you don't have to tolerate this in your life.

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