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...and recommendable RSS feeds are welcome as well, not just email goodies.

Having quit the birdsite I've had to get back to using RSS readers. Fortunately, Feedly is still around although it's not free. It's limit of 100 feeds is still more than enough for me.

Now I'm interested in good tech newsletters. Are there any? Very likely. Shovel them at my direction. 📡

Poetry, the new Python package manager, sounds like a dream. Robust dependency resolving with lockfiles and no need for virtualenv? Yes, please!

life pro tip for well funded and staffed open source projects: when you push breaking changes reach out to the people that own the SEO for your tech and tell them to update. Or have documentation that's really good.

Sincerely, someone who has been battling incorrect blog posts.

In contrast, worst moments are those where you pass `undefined` value to a function and find out about it after a rough debugging and swearing session. I love you, JS. 💔

Seriously, best moments in developers life are those where you can throw a huge and messy external class out of the window, and replace its functionality with your new small function.

For athletes, rest is not a reward. It's part of their strict training schedule.

Software teams need the same rhythm of sprinting and resting.

If your team is constantly churning out features, performance will suffer.

good morning [cw Patrick Stewart, yelling, holding a pug, charging into battle with a gun]

My favorite type of person is the one who stalks closed pull requests in public projects only to file a new issue to revert and replace any implemented features with their product instead. Like telephone marketers but for open-source.

Besides being on Twitter, another interesting 10-year anniversary in my life took place a couple of months ago. Being a Spotify Premium subscriber for this long must be the longest I've been a customer to a single service without pulling my card off.

I've even tried alternative services (which have vanished away then) but I wouldn't trade this away easily.

Blogged a little more about customizing your command line environment for productivity and why you should do it (spoiler: it's easy).

Starship, a cross-shell prompt theme for astronauts is looking good. It's successor to Spaceship, a theme I've been using a long time.

If command line is among your tools, you should customize it as much as possible.

Microsoft's new Terminal app just had an update and the UI is now much snappier.

I need to tinker with this for a few days but I think I'm ready to drop buggy Hyper app for my Windows development needs.

Handmaid's Tale (possible spoilers) 

I've seen several opinions stating that in React you should prefer function components over class components.

Is this because of hooks? For my eyes, classes are much easier to understand with well-defined methods and state handling. Am I just a remnant of the old times? 🤔

Slack was created for employees to be productive at work but often I have to close the app to be productive.

If human is given a communication tool it's only a matter of time before they find a way to abuse it.

Another day, another filesystem permission issue fixed by someone with "chmod 777".

Open all the doors and come forth!

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