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When you refine user stories, do you…

– add an imaginary number of story points to each story
– split the story into several subtasks
– estimate each subtask in hours
– sum up the hours
– calculate a deadline/commitment based on hours

It appears you're following a plan instead of responding to change, which contradicts the Agile Manifesto.

It's only an algorithm if it comes from the algorithm region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling conditionals.

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And so the smartest people on the internet show the limits of smartness and intelligence in that Being Right alone is not an effective way to interact with people who disagree with you.

Something that took me a good long time to realize is that unless it's a formal, academic debate, people aren't arguing in the pursuit of getting closer to Truth, they're arguing because it gives them some kind of emotional reward.

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Another reason to love Basecamp (now 37signals): their updated policies are published as pull requests on Github repository. Diffs make digesting the changes easy.

Final straw: we backed up WhatsApp to Google Drive in order to download the backup to laptop and move it to iCloud by hand. Yes, it's a tall order, but might have worked...

Turns out, you can't download backups from Google Drive via the web interface. However, you can view and delete those. 🤯

We gave up and didn't restore anything on the new phone. It baffles me how such a basic scenario of uploading an encrypted backup to Meta servers and restoring it with private key is missing from this product.

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Watching my partner struggle moving WhatsApp chats from Android to iOS. On Android you apparently only backup chats to Google Drive whereas on iOS you restore them from iCloud. Who designs systems like these?

Meanwhile, Telegram chats moved automatically without special actions.

Yeah, E2EE is nice but how about you start developing apps by first making them accessible and usable for all.

New Thor Movie (spoilers) 

Watched Thor: Love & Thunder. Less cunning and original than Ragnarok, but still entertaining.

Children with Viking powers and not having Loki around greatly lowers the points, and I'm not convinced meddling with Greek mythology will make a particularly interesting storyline for the sequel.

What bothers me most is how Gorr the God Butcher looked like the lead vocalist of the Finnish band Apulanta after excessive touring and drinking.

The summer vacations are approaching, and naturally, with it, I will minimise my screen time.

At first, I didn't feel like removing Mastodon from my phone, but so much toxicity and negativity have been popping up on my timeline lately. Perhaps it's because of the people who have fled Twitter or the usual Fossbro activity.

Anyway, time for a hiatus, and then we'll see how the Fediverse has turned out to be. Maybe adjusting who I follow more carefully is the logical next step.

Purchased Telegram Premium. Not because of the extra features, but because I've been using it since 2014 without giving anything back.

I've been using Github Copilot for a couple of months now and it has been a helpful addition to my TDD workflow (let the AI partly work out the "green" phase, then refactor).

That being said, not sure if I would need it so much as to pay for it. Maybe I should drop it for a while and see if I miss using it.

Tip: before switching phones because of charging issues, try cleaning the charging port with a sewing needle (not a toothpick).

I just removed a massive dusty blob of gunk by scratching the port for five minutes, after which I blew some compressed air in. For now, it charges like a charm!

It's only Vite if it comes from the Vité region of France, otherwise it's just sparkling Javascript.

Finally scanned in this old Zak McKracken promotional standee. It used to have a pair of actual nose glasses on it, and a bunch of order forms for your own pairs.

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