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Keeping warm by going through Elena Chernyshova's photos of the arctic city of Norilsk, which is in darkness for 45 days a year.

Do you follow a particular account really closely on mastodon? Do you want to make sure you see all of the posts from that account?

Go to the account's profile page and click on the 馃敂 next to the follow button. This will make a notification appear every time the account posts something. (To switch notifications off, just click the 馃敂 again.)

The posts will also appear in your timeline as normal.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse

On the other hand, The Night Before (2015) was quite amusing as a manic drug-filled buddy movie set on Christmas. Can recommend.

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For the very first time, I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978).

Safe to say, this will not become one of my Christmas traditions despite its charming weirdness.

The image of a Wookie eyeing Han Solo lustfully will haunt me.

鈥淐hecking my Mastodon feed lately causes me to yawn. I鈥檓 bored by the Fuck Google And Twitter statements鈥攑lease stop distributing useless messages on platforms where people already fucked Google and Twitter. Yes, Go is awesome and Linux For The Win, yadda yadda. Yes, everyone should get their COVID jab. Dear God, make it stop. Should I start a de-follow frenzy? Compared to Twitter, Mastodon is already so very tiny. I鈥檓 sure I鈥檓 still missing out on interesting non-tech savvy people to follow, but it鈥檚 hard to deny the homogeneity of the population there.鈥

Merry Christmas! Santa dropped in last night and left a mysterious note to all of you. 馃巺

Nice video by

If only 100 people lived on earth..

"The ideal model is synchronous collaboration, sometimes called 鈥榢eyboardless programming鈥. In this mode of collaboration, decisions regarding the design of the system are made by team members who are not sitting at the keyboard."

The Witcher season 2 is better in every way compared to the previous season. Ambitious budget, chronological narrative, and characters feel more matured.

"You can't take this; your inventory is full"

But for rich people in real life

Setting up Element & Matrix, finally. My handle is for what it's worth.

So far so good experience with bridging Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal and IRC.

Any good spaces, or whatever they are called, around?

I'm following Asahi Linux with great interest. I should try it once I get my hands with a new M1 MacBook. My ideal laptop would have the form and hardware of Macs, but I wouldn't miss macOS at all.

Finnish is so wild :blob_cat_oh_no:

- a yo-yo and some yo-yos
- a yo-yo and some yo-yos in a queue
- some yo-yos already in a yo-yo queue
- some yo-yo queues and some yo-yos

fav = encouraging cheer for him to defeat the bad guy
boost = give him your energy for the spirit bomb

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