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It is funny to me how Twitter just posts merrily about their "new API" like it's the hot new thing when they've systematically burned bridges with every app developer after ruining a flourishing API ecosystem a few years ago

One of my sources of chronic pain are people who don't run their tutorial code snippets through a formatter before posting.


Please, I'm a real human being, not an ECMAScript parser.

Starting my day with a tincan of condensed milk like a proper Witchfinder.

source code, C crimes 

#define 👇 { #define 👆 } #define 👉 ( #define 👈 ) #define 👏 ; #include <stdio.h> int main() 👇 if 👉 5 > 1 👈 👇 printf 👉 "Hello!" 👈 👏 👆 else 👇 printf 👉 "Oh no!" 👈 👏 👆 👆

Unpopular opinion (so sue me): Headless Cross is one of Black Sabbath's finest albums and Tony Martin is on par with Dio.

Having a vacation before a new career in a new town.

What does a product guy do? Fills a Trello board with cards about moving. Who doesn't love concretely defined subtasks? I have to assure my household I won't be planning sprints nor daily standups.

Someone should conduct research whether functional programmers are linguistically more clever than object-oriented programmers. Good jargon, anyway.

Now that you've learned to commit the right way, you must be thinking what to write in the commit message?

That's easy! Follow the Conventional Commits standard. Make sure to sell it to your team as well.

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Unpopular opinion: Paul Di’Anno Iron Maiden is as good as or better than Bruce Dickenson Iron Maiden

Some tutorials want to teach you `git add . && git commit -m <msg>`.

Don't do this unless in a strictly personal project. You will end up with huge commit blobs with meaningless messages.

Yeah, 1000 changed lines with "fixed stuff" sure is helpful.

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🔥 Two Git commands that have made me a better developer:

– `git commit` without the `-m` option
– `git add -p`

The former forces me to write a good multi-line commit message, and the latter allows to stage changes partially in an interactive mode.

java feels like if the sunk cost fallacy was a programming language

The subtitle of The Last of Us 2 should be "there's some very bad people on both sides".

Tech bloggers in 2020 be like:

"X Must-Have Javascript Array Methods"

I'm seeing multiple posts like these daily in my feeds. Knowledge sharing is great but do search if your take could bring something new.

It's probably well known by now but GitHub got on my list of "maximum password length offenders". They validate that passwords are up to 72 characters which is bollocks.

Developers, never validate maximum length in your passwords. 👆

Gatsby dependency ecosystem is a burning mess with its plugins constantly updating. 20+ PRs a day is not something I want to commit my spare time.

So, Dependabot 💔 Gatsby.

John Trumbull’s Famous 1818 Painting Declaration of Independence Virtually Defaced to Show Which Founding Fathers Owned Slaves

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