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This post from 2012 underlines effectively how I'd like to see senior engineers act.

"On Being A Senior Engineer"

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A while ago I caught a senior developer ranting how people using Rust are insane. When asked for the reason, they stated that "let" keyword reminded them of Javascript.

Are there any other professions outside engineering where seniority has grown to be this trifling?

I pledge for every "doc"-folder being renamed to "tfm". We tell users to rtfm all the time, so how are they supposed to find tfm?

This release includes a considerable amount of work from our developers and technical support, but that's not it – you as an external contributor can help us make it even greater. Unleash the pull requests!

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📣 The latest and greatest milestone in Paytrail open-source journey is here. We have released a modern version of our integration guide to the public.

Good Omens (TV series) is the shit. I love how Crawley (David Tennant) crawls and slithers onto the scene to hiss. Incredible body language. In overall, the show is just as Gaimanish as one could hope for.

Well said, Arnold. It's important to understand that denouncing riots as terrorism is very short-sighted.

Get well soon, America. 🇺🇸

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I've setup a new Mastodon server on The idea is to provide another space for people who would've landed on but can't because it's closed.

Even though I am currently in charge of both there are still logical and infrastructural separations between the two that give this move meaning in the context of decentralization.

Not to mention I've already scaled to's size once, so it would be easier for me to do again than to scale further.

Good day all. The Ministry of Good Music would like to remind you that this is still the definitive punk album. Worship none other albums.

I've effectively turned off line length limits from all my code linters and turned on soft wrapping. It's high time all of us put an end to this 80-character madness.

"If you choose to use a 80-column terminal, you can live with the line
wrapping. It's just that simple."

I've often wondered why images look horribly cropped on Mastodon until expanded. Turns out, I had this option checked.

Now my timeline images look a LOT better. 👏

On a related note, Snowpiercer TV series adaptation in Netflix is rocking. A bit of Murder on the Orient Express with freezing dystopia.

Don't believe the IMDb rating, though, it's been hammered down by Internet toddlers who are choking on the fact that main characters are a woman and and a black man.

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Registered for the Amazon Prime free trial to watch Picard series but the service insists I'm traveling abroad and would only let me watch it through CBS free trial. Is this how it's supposed to work?

Well, at least there is Good Omens to watch which is top notch Gaiman.

According to Uncle Bob, all the approaches to programming take something fundamental away from us.

Functional programming takes away our ability to write majority of the bugs since we are not allowed to mutate data easily.


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