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As someone who has lately sunk into frontend development again, it's damn true.

I have the highest respect for all you CSS wizards. Backend development is child's play.

Besides being a very performant engine from scratch, Gatsby includes additional tips for boosting the performance in their official documentation.

I wish every web framework would include a docs section dedicated for making the site ludicrously fast.

I've developed a severe addiction to cottage cheese and pelmeni like the honest pseudo-Slav I am.

Cards Against Humanity online with friends during these times is a true blessing. Bring forth the BBD!

Hello, fellow MS-DOS gaming enthusiasts!
If you enjoy my videos and podcasts, and/or my ramblings on social media, know that you can show your support on either
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Thank you!

I'm slowly easing myself back to Discord. If there are any good communities out there, let me know. Tech communities are interesting but not the only option.

My ID: nikoheikkila#7336

No CEO or CTO have done for workplace digital transformation so much in such a short period of time as COVID-19 has.

COVID-19 is the hardest working employee in the company who is, rather surprisingly, heard by everyone. Awards go to them.

I'm using this to start a development session with micro-services depending on multiple containers and background processes. Saves me a great amount of time.

It also supports iTerm2 tmux integration if that's your thing.

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users, instead of creating your session windows and panes from scratch every time, store them in a configuration file.

With tmuxinator you can store the layout in a YAML file and add it to version control, for example.

"When developers change jobs, the last thing they care about is your fancy office and table tennis. Developers need autonomy, mastery, and purpose."

If you like the engineering tips I'm writing about, add my blog to your bookmarks or subscribe to the RSS feed.

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I'm using this approach quite a lot in VS Code with Quokka extension. No need to even save a file.

Check it here:

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🔥 If you're experimenting with functions and can't be bothered to install a test framework you can use Golang-style table-driven testing.

Useful and easy to convert to real test code if needed.

Example in TypeScript. 👇

Just a month ago I was playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and dodging police drones in a city under a curfew.

Today I watched news footage from France picturing a similar situation, albeit there was no gunfire.


For what it's worth, I'm largely self-taught although I took a couple of great university courses related to functional programming, logical thinking, and application security in the university.

The line is blurry, but the takeout is clear: don't be ashamed if you don't have a CS degree. You can be just as good without it.

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