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TV series, drugs 

How I'd wish for flags like `--help` and `--version` to be standard in all Unix tools everywhere.

tmux, you are a disappointment, but only in this area.

There's some great stuff coming to the JavaScript Internationalisation API in ECMAScript 2020:

Intl.RelativeTimeFormat and Intl.ListFormat look particularly useful 👏

if u divide flatbread by zero that generates a signalling NaaN

"Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn."

-- Benjamin Franklin

Me to people who return to Mastodon whenever Twitter fucks up somehow

Did you know that you can hide stories from certain accounts in Instagram? I didn't.

No more need I skim through your videos having whatever the hell lottery boxes spin over your heads. Begone!

"The Zen of Go"

Ten engineering values for writing simple, readable, maintainable #golang code:

There are software companies out there that prohibit their developers of deploying changes to production because it's a security risk.

Granted, humans shouldn't do deployments by hand because it's a responsibility of the CI/CD pipeline. Nevertheless, actively limiting people's role in the technology value stream for weak reasons is a thing I strongly detest.

I hope those companies don't boast themselves having a culture of trust.

Just realized the Windows Terminal now has an experimental flag for turning a nice CRT-style scanline effect on. I might keep it on!

`"experimental.retroTerminalEffect": true`

Takes a while to get on the same train with Taika Waititi but once it happens you won't regret the journey. Go see Jojo Rabbit (2019) now. It's a film that can only be described as rich.

When a developers says they can "see how to build that" it really means that they can envision the happy path. They almost assuredly have not considered all the edge cases.

I blogged what I learned about developer experience after having read The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project. Read on if you're managing a development team struggling with general unhappiness in your technology organisation.

The video card on my Windows PC fried. It was overclocked and thus pretty unstable, anyway. Luckily other components seem to be well so I just had to reset BIOS settings by unplugging the CMOS and plug displays to the integrated card.

In other words, what's a quality video card for lightweight gaming and watching videos in 2020?

A: dns record
AA: battery
AAA: battery
AAAA: dns record

Christmas and negativity. 

Got a report that the #Finnish translation of Mastodon had some inaccuracies (presumably machine-translated by someone), if anyone who speaks 🇫🇮 wants proofreader privileges on Crowdin, let me know


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