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The latest volume of ThoughtWorks Technolody Radar (vol. 21) is 🔥

I often find myself asking whether I’m in the right profession, working as a software developer. It's a regular check-in to which I can confidently say yes.

You can find a longer explanation in my blog. 👇

here's the blog post:

it's about migrating my blog from Middleman to Gatsby and what I learned along the way 🌟🌈

In overall, if you're satisfied with, say, Travis, Semaphore, or Gitlab CI solutions, there is little need to jump the ship as it won't offer you any remarkable benefits as of now. It's terrific to see Github providing their in-house CI solutions, though, keeping the competition going strong.

Feedback for failed builds is swiftly provided via email so you can stop what you were doing and make the build green again. The downside is those will quickly fill up your inbox without custom rules.

YAML syntax is not too hard, and you can quickly write it with realtime linting on Github's UI

You can share build artefacts between jobs which makes deploying static sites and compiled binaries easy.

Caching and build matrices work as expected, and after a few pipelines, you get builds rolling pretty fast.

- All relevant languages are supported. The marketplace already has a ton of actions built by other users so expect this to grow tremendously.

The runner VMs (Ubuntu et al.) contain plenty of preinstalled software enough to cover most of the needs. There is, e.g. Chrome browser for enabling automated end-to-end testing, if you're into that, and why shouldn't you be.

My first brief impressions on Github Actions CI/CD solution launched a while ago.

WSL 2 arrived on Microsoft Insider's Slow Ring which means I can now add a new shell snippet to my collection.

This will open the given (or current) folder for exploring.

Lighthouse audits for web pages are not very challenging for JAMstack web pages and Serverless. 🤔

Opened birdsite after a "detox" period on #Mastodon
Actually felt weird. The layout felt unfamiliar and my TL was just making me angry
Thanks @Gargron

This weekend's so-called hobby project was updating my CV.

I know, it sounds dreadful if you think about the old-fashioned way of opening a Microsoft Word and filling tables with summer gigs. I've never been that guy, so I made a web version of my resume as a Gatsby single-page app with continuous serverless deployment (of course). The coolest feature is fetching my open-source repositories from GitHub API.

Maybe save the link for later and get in touch?

Having some spare time so I'm upgrading to macOS Catalina.

Send prayers.

Nexus seems to be a fairly decent private registry. Just set up a CI/CD pipeline to push validated and tested Docker images there in a matter of minutes.

Somebody just used my email address to register to vote in the UK.

Folks, don't do that. Seriously. Please don't use a throwaway email to register to vote.

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