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Opened birdsite after a "detox" period on #Mastodon
Actually felt weird. The layout felt unfamiliar and my TL was just making me angry
Thanks @Gargron

This weekend's so-called hobby project was updating my CV.

I know, it sounds dreadful if you think about the old-fashioned way of opening a Microsoft Word and filling tables with summer gigs. I've never been that guy, so I made a web version of my resume as a Gatsby single-page app with continuous serverless deployment (of course). The coolest feature is fetching my open-source repositories from GitHub API.

Maybe save the link for later and get in touch?

Having some spare time so I'm upgrading to macOS Catalina.

Send prayers.

Nexus seems to be a fairly decent private registry. Just set up a CI/CD pipeline to push validated and tested Docker images there in a matter of minutes.

Somebody just used my email address to register to vote in the UK.

Folks, don't do that. Seriously. Please don't use a throwaway email to register to vote.

Since someone is probably interested of my personal ranking:

1. Wind Waker
2. Twilight Princess
3. Ocarina of Time
4. Majora's Mask
5. Link to the Past
6. Link's Awakening
7. Skyward Sword
8. The Minish Cap
9. Oracle of Ages / Seasons
10. Breath of the Wild
11. The Legend of Zelda
12. Adventure of Link

Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Link Between Worlds are not listed as I haven't yet played them (never owned a DS system).

Dusted my Wii U to play a bit of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Can't help but praise the diamonds this series produced from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess.

Then they released Breath of the Wild which by design included most of the bad aspects of open-world gameplay (keep your stupid crumbling weapons and constant inventory management). Sadly, the game was popular enough to have a sequel coming.

Oh well, at least we always have the legacy games.

How to read an online article in 2019:

1. Enter a site
2. Accept cookies
3. Close one or more popups prompting for registration or donation
4. Pause the auto-playing article video
5. Scroll past the byline and proceed to read
6. Scroll back up and pause the video again as it has resumed on background
7. Close more popups
8. After two paragraphs, find out that the content is behind a paywall
9. Switch to playing a Dark Souls game for an easier experience

This post explains a lot why I don't see a great value in using a site like Stack Overflow (nor Reddit) either.

Spoiler: downvoting feature and oversensitive duplicate flagging creates the most unwelcoming environment for asking questions.

Glad we have alternatives to these anti-patterns for learning.

Writing things down either in editor or on pen and paper is an undervalued skill. I've often had trouble with reducing or folding a list of values so I wrote it down. Here's how you compute a sum of an integer list.

This is also useful when learning any mathematical formulae. Write it down on your own terms and test the result.

An interesting message that almost got me worried. Except that I've never touched Clash of Clans, and by quick peek turned out that links in the message were directing to arbitrary Disqus and Google URLs. I guess the aim is to have user click on the cancelling links.

Sending fake receipts is a well-known and widely used phishing trick. Don't be fooled by this shit.

In Python, builtin functions any() and all() are a great way to validate a list containing arbitrary data. Similar to Array.every() and Array.some() in JavaScript.

Throw away your for-loops and embrace these next time.

fuck it. I'll make my own cloud storage

update: the microSD card is full. please stop uploading files until the new one arrives from aliexpress

Joker (2019) is a feature film long trigger warning and a fascinating study of a character in a city where vital public services are being cut feeding the inevitable outcome.

Rarely I hand out five stars but this is it. 💯

This Friday, delighten your friend from the QA team with a following tip:

Every new feature can introduce a bug, but every new bug can become a feature by accepting and documenting it.

Constantly amazes me how poorly management teams handle incidents in companies.

You don't do these:

- swarm around people asking over and over again when it will be fixed
- book unnecessary meetings urging people to sit down
- announce how this is a top priority and everyone should work on it until fixed
- threaten people with consequences

Instead, you do these:

- encourage clear and transparent communication process leading by example
- trust skilled people to fix issues
- be calm
- reward good work

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