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just wanted to let you know that there's an url lengthener, in case you needed that: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

If I haven't been that active in tooting lately it's because I've got a new friend.

Link's Awakening is 5/5. Childhood restored.

Recently I made the jump from Hyper terminal to the new Windows Terminal. It's very usable for almost every terminal task including some JS coding in Neovim (SpaceVim configuraton in the picture). Crashes only very rarely.

While Hyper 3 running in Electron was fast enough for terminal it naturally couldn't compare to the native app performance, which is a nice bonus.

A little brainteasing with classic rot13. Hadn't done this before, and it was quite fun.

I just hate how Microsoft keeps making GitHub better and better. They really ruined it with these important security features.

tech people: language does not structure how you think or what you can conceive in any way and that is why i should not make any effort to rid my vocabulary of sexism or ableism

also tech people: and this is why C++ is better than JavaScript

Little known fact, The Wolfenstein series of computer games is the best-selling edutainment title of all time.

Teaches you to punch Nazis in the face and is engaging and fun at the same time.

This is a good strategy. I never reply to contact attempts that don't contain a direct and thought out question. Don't waste time by greeting or stating that you have a question, BLUF it up!

✅ We are disrupting the industry!
✅ We solve the big challenges!
✅ We have a Can-Do mentality!
✅ Innovation is in our DNA!
✅ We change the world!
🚫 Work from home? Ah.... No, that's just too difficult...

The future world after I, you, and a couple of future generations have passed away will be a wasteland. We've lost the big battle against climate change so let's focus on winning the small fights.

"Keen Dreams" episode of Commander Keen is now also available on in addition to Nintendo Switch. Do not buy it as part of the profit goes to the current owner Javier Chavez, who is a nazi.

‪Dreamt that cats made a musical called “Humans,” gave themselves horrible smooth CG skin and sang about things like insurance premiums and how they love to not give food to cats‬

Sure, I still have apps installed that make me browse feeds more or less mindlessly but at least the content has quality in it.

Once Pixelfed is complete and satisfies my appetite, I might drop using Instagram as well.

This decision has improved my mental well-being radically.

I don't know what topics people are fighting over and over nor do I know what that badly tanned capitalist shithead has been doing at White House all this time. I don't miss a thing.

Fear of missing out has turned into *joy* of missing out.

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