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This is a troubling post by an Iranian developer about how challenging it is to work there. Maybe private VPN services should offer decreased prices there?

Sunday in the Silver Factory.

Andy Warhol poster exhibition. Will be around for another month so go and check it out. @ Tampere-talo

Count Dracula (and other vampires) on display at Tampere. Cozy and dark exhibition loosely knit together by popculture references and historical events. @ Museokeskus Vapriikki

Checking out my first board game cafe. Delightfully varied selection in drink, food, and games. @ Lautapelikahvila Taverna

Archiving your open-source repositories is a good use case of the "kill your darlings" rule.

It's fun to maintain code you know but sometimes you just have to let your past die for new projects to flourish.

Throwback Thursday.

This was the band's peak performance with the better vocalist performing the better songs. Victory of both worlds. 🤟

Twitter has once again changed their web app UI and feed logic which rightfully irritates people.

Mastodon had an UI overhaul lately as well but the feed stays chronological and there are no ads. Why not follow me to the brighter future?

Midsommar (2019) is unlike expected. Rather than typical teen horror it's a blend of that, Von Trier's Melancholia, and an extremely dark and morbid episode of Star Trek about a savage planet beyond hope.

Excellent film, too.

Do y'all Ben & Jerry eaters dig out the cookie dough bits first and leave the ice cream cup looking like it was burrowed by a sugar-addict earthworm?

Is there anything you don't know? Actually, there are many things I don't know so in this post I shall list them. Read on. 👇

Very satisfied of this list about what makes a 1x engineer.

Until the day I die I shall defend my right to push into production on Fridays!

By rocking I don't mean that faux "rockstar developer" or "agile ninja" bullshit. With professionalism, pragmatism, and pride they provide real value to your business.

A so-called "10x engineer" thing is making the rounds. If you meet them, don't hire them. Hire Software craftsmen instead. Their qualities are described in the book Software Craftmanship (Mancuso, 2014) and they – like me – rock.

GatsbyJS official docs are not obviously optimized for search engines. When searching for new Gatsby source plugins I only get links to Great Gatsby interpretation essays. 🤔

I've too had jobs where managers value the amount of work done over creativity, cultural impact, and results. Those are places where you are constantly being monitored that you don't work a minute less than 40 hours a week.

Glad to be in a privileged position where I can choose better.

It has been years since I've needed to do this for any Git repository but I still appreciate the tip.

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