Today was the last day of Trump administration.

🎶 Today was a good day. 🎶

Decided I need to hang something on my walls. What choices do the nerds have?

@roupi Yes, you only need to write documentation to transform a bug into a feature. 🙃

🤑 Highly effective development environments:

- clarity about what to work on next
- CI/CD practices and green pipelines
- incremental changes validated locally by tests
- documentation and API specs found easily and kept updated
- pair & mob programming used without hesitation
- possibility to focus on a task for few hours without interruptions
- commits pushed to production after automated checks pass
- impact of new features analyzed through business and operational metrics

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🥵 Low effective development environments:

- constant false positive alerts from production
- error reports scattered across numerous logging systems
- dependencies to other silos (QA, architecture, security, ops)
- multiple "important" status meetings break up-days
- test suites running for hours and almost always red
- outdated or non-existent documentation
- communication happens via ticket systems

I feel like I'm old enough to stop writing "Hello World" programs.

Will switch to "Bye World" which seems much more appropriate.

Sign of the emerging middle-age: I'm profoundly happy about my new outside winter gear. ⛷

At work, we have a team event called "smileys" where we periodically share experiences and vibes from the past week.

I've now written my smileys down every Friday afternoon. It's a lot nicer to slide into the weekend after thinking about what you did, what was good/bad, and what to do next week. Simple tricks for a simple mind.

It seems my Mastodon to Twitter bridge broke some time ago so I'm testing now.

I don't have a need to tweet, but as long as there's an easy way to cross-post I'll keep the bridge going just to make following my content easier.

I blogged about effortless end-to-end testing with Microsoft Playwright. The automated testing scene has started to look really great in a post-Selenium world beginning from Cypress et al.

2021 begins with pseudo-viking-LARP taking place in the Capitol building.

At least it's not Sons of Jacob marching in to establish the Republic of Gilead... yet.

🔥 Node.js version manager (nvm) is not particularly pleasant to use, but an alternative I discovered (fnm) at least doesn't cripple your shell startup time.

Like all good software, it's cross-platform and built with Rust. 🦀

#GitHub has a serious case of 'create a problem only to be able to write a grandiose blog post about how we saved all developers from the problem we created'.

Now they've taken down a repo because it had an Iranian contributor & they were supposedly so scared of the U.S. sanctions (which amount to a medieval siege btw) imposed on #Iran and the possible penalties for them were they they to leave the repo up, only to publish a grand blog post about how they unblocked all of GitHub for Iranians.

shouting into the void and a haskell developer is shouting back that void is a code smell

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