New #blogpost: “Misinformation about Permissions Policy and FLoC”.

Lots of people have been spreading the often-unnecessary advice to add a Permissions-Policy response header to their sites, and some have been going so far as to ask FLOSS maintainers to patch their software to make this the default.

If you read the actual proposals and W3C specs, you’ll find a different story.

Everybody: please calm down, take a deep breath, and read before you make such prescriptive advice.

FLoC is terrible, but telling everyone to add a magic “opt-out header” in every situation conveys a misunderstanding of everything you need to know about the opt-in/out process.

the 1991 Soviet TV adaptation of "The Lord of the Rings," once thought lost, has been rediscovered

Listen, the very second there's a usable translation, I'm going to inflict this on my friends.

Craftsman's Log – 2021.03.31

In this issue: Little's Law, Backblaze as an S3 replacement, pull requests, entropy in software projects, walk in the Golang ecosystem.

We have ourselves a winner in the 3rd Programming Language World Championships! #plwc2021

Congratulations to Python, which was able to defend its title in a 59 - 41 victory over Rust.

Third place goes to C with a convincing 61- 39 against Go.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the polls! See you next year for the fourth edition! ❤️

Pay attention corporations. This is how you preserve trust in a situation where you're inevitably going to lose some. Just treat everyone involved like a fucking adult and take your slaps on the wrist.

We fucked up by trying to maintain out own infra without the resources to do it right. We admitted that mistake to ourselves first, then to the public, and we're acting to fix the underlying problems (including some that weren't an issue yet, but could become ones).

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Asking this for a friend, how to become a vaxhole? Where's the queue?

In truth, these things often look simpler than they are, so I blogged some practical and shareable tips on how to implement Little's Law in your delivery process.

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Lean / Agile has a term for involving oneself more closely with the customer: going to the gemba.

Working closely with the customer helps shorten one type of feedback loop and, as such, boosts motivation, productivity, and empathy.

Arguably, it's a missing aspect in the COVID era, so ensure you build up a "gemba" culture with the tools you possess.

Technical debt is not always a bad thing. It's effectively a tool for getting a short-term gain. Be warned that it causes addiction and needs to be managed.

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Instead of accumulating technical debt recklessly, be prudent.

Don't say:

"We don't have time for ___, forget it!"

Instead, say:

"We should ship this now and deal with the consequences later".

Little's Law dictates that:

lead time = work in progress / throughput

To decrease lead times, you should limit the work in progress (ideally to 1 task at a time) and/or increase your throughput.

Secret: when you limit the amount of work in progress, your throughput will also increase thanks to reduced context switching. It's a win-win situation.

I began journaling my activities in HEY. No bullshit, no tracking, no excessive advertising, nor spammy content. Only 1-2 entries per week. You can't react to these with emojis, and you don't even have to subscribe (but you can!). Oh, and there's an RSS feed because it rocks.

Captain's Log - 2021.03.24. Keywords: Gatsby, CSS Modules, legacy code, GitHub on iOS, programming languages, Instagram.

I assumed that if GPT-3 generated pickup lines, they would be terrible because they would be something like human pickup lines. Instead, they are terrible for more delightful reasons.

Some time ago, in a developer community, I came across the concept of time blocking. I started to adapt it into my daily work using Toggl Track, and the results have been nice.

With it, I can get into focus mode faster in the morning and also recall what I was doing on a particular day for standups and reports.

This one even got my wife laughing out loud.

There's too much text to put it in the mouse over, so I've pasted it to gist for the screen reader inclined.

@pollita All the world is a PHP database and we are merely users. Ingenious!

"Police are warning students and universities not to access Sci-Hub, an "illegal website" that allows users to download scientific research papers normally locked behind expensive subscriptions."

Very bad indeed. That name again: Sci-Hub. Remember it so you can avoid it. Ahem.

@jonne Yes, I'm sure modern CPUs are built on the foundation of two big rats fighting, and the result of the calculation is who won.

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