I'm always shaking my head when trying to manipulate shell output in Bash et al so having a clear data-driven syntax to control and command sounds rather hot. 🌶

NuShell, a shell built with Rust where everything is data. Fascinated to see where these ideas will grow to and what kind of use cases will emerge.


Whenever im overwhelmed with life, I come to Mastodon. Y'all are warm and cozy and it's nice here and oh, tea? Yes sure please! Oh what's that? A bunch of cute cats just doing whatever it is they do? Aww

Here's an interesting and profound look at CSS named colours history. I wouldn't have guessed the connection to X window system but it does make sense.


@vegai Thanks for the link. I have noticed privacy issues are usually secondary to me. For example, I'm using DuckDuckGo over Google not because they promise to leave me off trackers but because it has nifty extra features. Same goes with browsers where I've been driven to use Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers.

Maybe I should think differently but I'm just a human, an easy catch for our eventual chrome-plated overlords. 🤭

The new Microsoft Edge Beta, or should I say "Edgium", is crazy fast both with UI responsiveness and page rendering. This proves further that apps leveraging Chromium engine are not necessarily slow or resource-heavy despite constant badmouthing.

Download here: developer.microsoft.com/en-us/

@vegai Turns out Quentin apparently doesn't appreciate what Manson family did back in the day, or Nazis. Who would have thought? :sidekiq:

I decided to cut back on cross-posting spam on Mastodon. Might delete later but we'll see how it goes.

@victoria That's a nice solution there! I've been using forget.codl.fr/about/ to delete my tweets and toots wherever I have an account.

It's nice to watch a Quentin Tarantino picture (mostly) without much violence compared to his earlier films. 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' provides this contrast as an excellent buddy movie that leaves plenty of room to character exploration.

Hence, at the moment I'm not afraid of the possible upcoming Star Trek film at all.

One of my favorite sites for debugging:


An automated tool for faux pair programming and working through problems 🐥

I watch folks fighting whether to use Webpack, Parcel, or some other method of bundling front-end Javascript assets. This is awful and counterproductive discussion.

One of the biggest reasons I have enjoyed Gatsby and Vuepress is that they abstract this decision. I think both use Webpack on the background but I've literally spent zero seconds configuring how they do it. This is the way I want every framework to follow.

Drop the configuration tuning and get to coding already.

A gentle reminder that King Crimson's Epitaph is still a very timely song. And a good one, too.

"Knowledge is a deadly friend
If no one sets the rules

The fate of all mankind I see
Is in the hands of fools"


@jonne Definitely we should have an eco-Mastodon instance working the same way.

Thanks for the recommendation.

@ryan659 Looks good too. My preferences are basically nice & clean content layout and mobile apps. Can you import your feeds from a file into Inoreader?

...and recommendable RSS feeds are welcome as well, not just email goodies.

Having quit the birdsite I've had to get back to using RSS readers. Fortunately, Feedly is still around although it's not free. It's limit of 100 feeds is still more than enough for me.

Now I'm interested in good tech newsletters. Are there any? Very likely. Shovel them at my direction. 📡

@deshipu if you have patience to read the Poetry docs they answer this already.

@deshipu pyproject.toml comes in handy with projects and beats having requirements.txt fair and square.

Maybe not yet mature enough to switch from Pipenv but we'll see...

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