A friend of mine who teaches elementary school, taught her class, “don’t yuck my yum”

It was like a class mantra, all the kids knew and understood the phrase. So, if a kid brought a bean burrito for lunch, and another kid said “gross! I hate beans” burrito-kid could just say “don’t yuck my yum”

It became the perfect phrase when one student liked something another student hated it. Quickly, it moved from the tangible (food, smells, textures) to the intangible (music, religion, quality)

By the end of the year “don’t tuck my yum” was woven into the culture of the class. They actually used the phrase LESS by then, because yuckers would check themselves before tearing anyone down.

And that class of second graders moved to third, secure in the knowledge that it’s ok to love the things you love, even if other people don’t.

Finland's Social Insurance Institution is hiring a Java developer. The person in the picture is probably their vision of a programmer: working in a meeting room looking focused or depressed and... using a notebook under the mouse.

I think this describes the position very accurately.

In case you missed it, the recap of my first month as a full-stack developer in Futurice is now also highlighted in our blog.


Imagine contributing to an open-source project where you can just launch the editor from the Code dropdown menu like this. No cloning, installing, or other shenanigans.

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Got into the GitHub Codespaces beta. After launching a project, it downloaded my synced VS Code settings from the cloud and the experience felt like a local environment without tinkering the settings.

Then I tried to launch a web application with it, which ran perfectly.

Good launch quality! Next I'll do some serious work with this.

Gonna start a campaign for a standard mute button on keyboards and for all video calling apps to support it.

Good day! Have you given any thought about joining the Church of Holy Dudeness on this fine Sunday?

I imagine these boomer uncles won't even send their code in pull requests because they *know* how things work - unlike we millennials.

Today we also set up an organization page for Futurice over at DEV.to. I've cross-posted this article there. dev.to/futurice/first-four-wee

Make sure to follow us there for all the hot tech and design content.

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@jaranta or they get confused while trying to fuse ten different genres and break up due to inner conflicts like The Clash.

These days everyone seems to be rather busy being anti-this and anti-that and anti-everything-in-between.

You know what? I'd rather people tell me what they actually stand *for*, not everything they are *against*.

P.S. We're actively hiring. If this sounds like a place to be, drop me a line, and I'll connect you with the right people.

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It's been a full month since I slid into my new green clothes at Futurice. Time flies! Here's a story of how I became part of Tammerforce and how does it feel now.



Tired: running Doom in a pregnancy test

Wired: playing Doom in a pregnancy test using the urine input for control.

Tenet (2020) is like that moment when you try to reverse time in Git to undo a horrible mistake and you start experiencing a reverse learning phenomenon eventually de-cloning (removing) the repository.

🔥 I often need to set up ESLint, Prettier, and Husky into an existing TypeScript project. This guide from Robert Cooper is a golden resource ensuring I don't have to sweat over the configurations.


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