Decided I need to hang something on my walls. What choices do the nerds have?

2021 begins with pseudo-viking-LARP taking place in the Capitol building.

At least it's not Sons of Jacob marching in to establish the Republic of Gilead... yet.

If eSports and CS: GO is your thing, my employer is orchestrating a tournament with Tampere University this weekend. The channel goes live tonight at 6:00 PM (EET).

Watch on Twitch:

The scheduled duration of a 'quick' meeting with 4 attendees: 30 minutes

Actual duration cost of the meeting: 2 x duration x the number of participants = 4 hours.

Make a note of this when you have to book a meeting next time.

Some years ago, I studied game design and development and thought of becoming a game developer. Spending time in gaming communities and the whole mess of GamerGate led me to abandon that path completely. Not interested in catering to these cunts.

Finland's Social Insurance Institution is hiring a Java developer. The person in the picture is probably their vision of a programmer: working in a meeting room looking focused or depressed and... using a notebook under the mouse.

I think this describes the position very accurately.

Imagine contributing to an open-source project where you can just launch the editor from the Code dropdown menu like this. No cloning, installing, or other shenanigans.

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Good day! Have you given any thought about joining the Church of Holy Dudeness on this fine Sunday?

I imagine these boomer uncles won't even send their code in pull requests because they *know* how things work - unlike we millennials.

You can badmouth tax administration, but be prepared to suffer a devastating meme attack!

Ever wondered why flies are doing all that rubbing? Maybe you haven't watched close enough.

Gatsby dependency ecosystem is a burning mess with its plugins constantly updating. 20+ PRs a day is not something I want to commit my spare time.

So, Dependabot 💔 Gatsby.

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