The latest volume of ThoughtWorks Technolody Radar (vol. 21) is 🔥

WSL 2 arrived on Microsoft Insider's Slow Ring which means I can now add a new shell snippet to my collection.

This will open the given (or current) folder for exploring.

Lighthouse audits for web pages are not very challenging for JAMstack web pages and Serverless. 🤔

Dusted my Wii U to play a bit of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Can't help but praise the diamonds this series produced from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess.

Then they released Breath of the Wild which by design included most of the bad aspects of open-world gameplay (keep your stupid crumbling weapons and constant inventory management). Sadly, the game was popular enough to have a sequel coming.

Oh well, at least we always have the legacy games.

Writing things down either in editor or on pen and paper is an undervalued skill. I've often had trouble with reducing or folding a list of values so I wrote it down. Here's how you compute a sum of an integer list.

This is also useful when learning any mathematical formulae. Write it down on your own terms and test the result.

An interesting message that almost got me worried. Except that I've never touched Clash of Clans, and by quick peek turned out that links in the message were directing to arbitrary Disqus and Google URLs. I guess the aim is to have user click on the cancelling links.

Sending fake receipts is a well-known and widely used phishing trick. Don't be fooled by this shit.

In Python, builtin functions any() and all() are a great way to validate a list containing arbitrary data. Similar to Array.every() and Array.some() in JavaScript.

Throw away your for-loops and embrace these next time.

If I haven't been that active in tooting lately it's because I've got a new friend.

Link's Awakening is 5/5. Childhood restored.

Recently I made the jump from Hyper terminal to the new Windows Terminal. It's very usable for almost every terminal task including some JS coding in Neovim (SpaceVim configuraton in the picture). Crashes only very rarely.

While Hyper 3 running in Electron was fast enough for terminal it naturally couldn't compare to the native app performance, which is a nice bonus.

A little brainteasing with classic rot13. Hadn't done this before, and it was quite fun.

I decided to cut back on cross-posting spam on Mastodon. Might delete later but we'll see how it goes.

Microsoft's new Terminal app just had an update and the UI is now much snappier.

I need to tinker with this for a few days but I think I'm ready to drop buggy Hyper app for my Windows development needs.

🔥 Check your IP addresses from command line (both versions) using standard cURL and the service.

Example function in Fish below. 👇

Sunshine (2007) was a good film pick for a hot day. I don't complain about the heat anymore.

Boris Johnson using The Dude as his moniker is something I won't fucking abide.

Very satisfied of this list about what makes a 1x engineer.

Until the day I die I shall defend my right to push into production on Fridays!

It has been years since I've needed to do this for any Git repository but I still appreciate the tip.

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