Uh, oh! We got a situation here. So, the mastodon.technology instance is shutting down.

According to the feedback and non-intrusive spying, I suspect there is at minimum N > 1 people who enjoy my occasional rants and ruminations about software engineering and other stuff.

What would you recommend for me as a new instance?

I'm preferring reasonably positive instances. Meaning there is no toxic behaviour or overt negativity but a curious and open-minded attitude to all things creative in life.

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@nikoheikkila Could be an opportunity to try Pleroma or Misskey.

@Ninmi Possibly could be interested in something that allows longer posts than 500 chars and applying some basic Markdown-like formatting.

@nikoheikkila Yeah, I'm really glad I don't have to deal with silly threads when the client softwares can just trucate behind a "show more" button if someone does the illegal and posts longer than 500 characters.

@nikoheikkila I agree, we need more positive content here. Leave the toxic politics for other servers and services.

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