I'm very impressed about Taskfile project taskfile.dev/ - perhaps the era of complex Makefiles, NPM scripts and Bash shenanigans is coming to an end.

(I know it isn't, but I'd wish nothing more.)


It's written in Go so extra love for that. 馃敟馃挌

@zen @vazub YAML is easy and universal declarative syntax. If you have problems with whitespace, get your editor configured right. :blobcatthinksmart:

@nikoheikkila yes, but not for novices who usually experiencing a lot of pain with it. But honestly, I can't imagine a universal build system, because on background they are always using a lot of other tools and that makes it harder to understand what is going under the hood.


@zen @vazub Yeah, ideally the tasks would need to leverage containerised tools. In the case of Taskfile, the ultimate goal would be to clone the repo and be able to run "task build" or similar to spin up a local application for developing.

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