I noticed this pull request in my inbox today. The author states in the title they are refactoring a feature.

This is the best example of how you can smuggle any change you want into a codebase. All you need is to surround it with a diff of several thousand lines.

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We are taught to use pull requests to guard us against unwanted changes. It (sort of) works in open-source development given you have ample time to review.

In business projects, it works the other way around. We are over-worked and over-utilized to the point we don't care about code reviews and easily let any change through. After all, we're always behind schedule.

A good solution is to work in the smallest possible batches and leverage pair-programming. There is no better way to improve the code review process than to review the single line right after it has been written.

Each change should process like so:

Write code – review – test – commit – continue

Couple the approach with test-driven development where it makes sense.

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