I've got a MacBook Pro from 2014 lying around without use. Should I try installing a Linux distribution into it or ditch it?

I'm thinking of replacing macOS with Elementary OS, but other opinions are appreciated.

@nikoheikkila if macbook, personally I say continue with macOS.
I tried linuxify my old 2010 unibody macbook and found difficulties on compatibility.

@ybbond @nikoheikkila biggest issue I had when doing this was wifi compat. Once I finally found the right forum post and followed the suggestions, everything else was golden.

@jwkicklighter @ybbond Cool. I wonder if 2014 hardware and some newer Linux distribution would clash in any way.

@nikoheikkila @ybbond my wifi issues were on a 2012 model. I believe my 2015 Retina 15" worked without much issue. The former was using Ubuntu and/or Arch, latter was using Manjaro.

@nikoheikkila i like to upcycle my machines a little bit; my old college laptop has been my home server for about a year now and it will probably stay that way until it breaks

@bclindner Yeah. I would probably put my laptop to a playground use for Linux desktops before handing it over to some other use.

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