The video card on my Windows PC fried. It was overclocked and thus pretty unstable, anyway. Luckily other components seem to be well so I just had to reset BIOS settings by unplugging the CMOS and plug displays to the integrated card.

In other words, what's a quality video card for lightweight gaming and watching videos in 2020?

@nikoheikkila If by lightweight you mean common esports titles at 1080p60, then an RX 570 should do the job for a few years.

@GiantIsopodDivision Well, let's say I'd like to play through Witcher 3 at stable 1080p60.

@nikoheikkila In that case you may want to step up to a GTX 1650 Super or RX 5500 XT for optimal graphical quality. The RX 580 is also an option with similar performance and pricing, but it's an older card and draws more power.

@GiantIsopodDivision Yeah, I was thinking of GTX 1660 which is on sale at a local outlet. Maybea good amount bang for buck also?

@nikoheikkila If you can get it for roughly the same price (give or take $10) or less than any of the cards I mentioned, it's worth it.

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