Dusted my Wii U to play a bit of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD. Can't help but praise the diamonds this series produced from Ocarina of Time to Twilight Princess.

Then they released Breath of the Wild which by design included most of the bad aspects of open-world gameplay (keep your stupid crumbling weapons and constant inventory management). Sadly, the game was popular enough to have a sequel coming.

Oh well, at least we always have the legacy games.

Since someone is probably interested of my personal ranking:

1. Wind Waker
2. Twilight Princess
3. Ocarina of Time
4. Majora's Mask
5. Link to the Past
6. Link's Awakening
7. Skyward Sword
8. The Minish Cap
9. Oracle of Ages / Seasons
10. Breath of the Wild
11. The Legend of Zelda
12. Adventure of Link

Phantom Hourglass, Spirit Tracks, and Link Between Worlds are not listed as I haven't yet played them (never owned a DS system).

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