The new Microsoft Edge Beta, or should I say "Edgium", is crazy fast both with UI responsiveness and page rendering. This proves further that apps leveraging Chromium engine are not necessarily slow or resource-heavy despite constant badmouthing.

Download here:

@nikoheikkila I think there are way better reasons than performance to be suspicious of a Chrome monoculture.

Check this scary doublespeak out:

@vegai Thanks for the link. I have noticed privacy issues are usually secondary to me. For example, I'm using DuckDuckGo over Google not because they promise to leave me off trackers but because it has nifty extra features. Same goes with browsers where I've been driven to use Vivaldi and other Chromium based browsers.

Maybe I should think differently but I'm just a human, an easy catch for our eventual chrome-plated overlords. 🤭

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