There are two types of Vim users:

1. those who can't get out
2. those who don't want out and think "ggdG" is a logical shortcut for deleting all lines in a file.

I get that it reads "move to the first first line, and delete to the bottom line" but what makes it better than "CMD+A+Backspace" sequence which is natural and supported by every textbox?

@nikoheikkila The only valid shortcut for deleting all lines in a file is


@musicmatze Well, I think deleting the folder and cloning again from Git is better.

@nikoheikkila I guess the answer would be: because shortcuts in Vim don't work like that, so it wouldn't fit in the logic of the other commands?

@jonne Maybe. It could work in Insert mode as far as I know but I understand the motivation to keep the logic of Vim pure.

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