Reminder to self: If on mobile your website's colors are light instead of dark and you made absolutely sure the CSS is correct, disable the Firefox Night Mode from settings.

Good half an hour of debugging that! 😓

My personal site is now running on Gatsby. Here's a few selected words about how I began learning React from zero and said goodbye to WordPress.

Static Site Rendering Conquer All:

Just slightly overdoing the variable destructuring in Gatsby.

Pros: looks similar to what you'll get from your GraphQL query

Cons: not sure if this is even readable anymore

"Negativity plays an extremely important part in programming (and human life) as a way to signal quality, to express our feelings, and to commiserate with our fellow human beings."

Let's be negative, but in a right way.

Finland is having elections tomorrow. Here’s a long-form recap of the past four years that we should not witness again once the next government has taken office. Might be foolish to hope so but let's stay positive.

"Escape this crazy hiring race by creating an environment, where experienced developers mentor less experienced developers."

Great developers are raised, not hired

"Kurikka on hämmentynyt. Korttiaan hän pitää kännykkäkotelossaan eikä ole hukannut sitä missään vaiheessa."

Kurikan kannattaa tutustua social engineering -ilmiöön. Korttitiedot ovat kalasteltavissa vaikka kortti fyysisesti olisikin näpeissä koko ajan.

Every time I have a fever I'm reminded of the scene in Trainspotting where Begbie is with Rents under blankets telling to kick that shite out of your system. Big up for willpower.

Fortunately, no babies crawling the ceiling here (yet).

Shazam was better than expected and it's positive to watch a very child-friendly superhero movie for change as well. Alas, it's no Captain Marvel if the two should be compared.

PHP is still a good one when you stick to Laravel and containerize all the dependencies but for personal sites and micro APIs it's hard to beat ZEIT builders. 🍀

When I started my programming journey with regular PHP websites and maintaining LAMP stacks 10+ years ago I could not picture this shit. It's incredible what advancements static site generators, cloud computing, and Serverless bring to table.

Began migrating my old WordPress site to Gatsby. Appreciating the following:

🔥 Automatic production deployments for each push with
🔥 Painless local dev environment with dev/prod parity thanks to SSR
🔥 Content stored within repository, no need to worry about data loss.

Ennakkoääni tiputettu. Keski-Suomessa on jälleen erittäin paljon kovia ehdokkaita (uutena myös, mutta harkinnan jälkeen ääneni vei ja, koska

- Ilmastopolitiikka ✅
- Diversiteetti ✅
- Ihmisoikeudet ✅

This Microsoft leak is hardly a news in the toxic world of tech but it's most troubling, nevertheless. All the support to people coming out with this stuff.

"Vaikka ruskeat ystäväni kertovat jatkuvasti arjen rasismista, minä en näe sitä koskaan. Me keski-ikäiset valkoiset miehet emme ole oppineet tunnistamaan sortoa, sillä meitä ei koskaan sorreta."

Fortunately, this was a free coupon with no strings attached and the film itself (Quiet Place) was very good.

Rented a film from DNA TV service and it instantly brought back memories of 2005 when I torrented movies with low resolution and choppy sounds. It's not even compatible with Chromecast so I had to plug an HDMI from PC to TV.

Staying as Elisa subscriber here. 👎

I've been doing product documentation with Vuepress lately and this guide to Vue.js - along with the official tutorials - has been a great asset. Check it out if you're into simple reactive front ends.

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