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🔥 Two Git commands that have made me a better developer:

– `git commit` without the `-m` option
– `git add -p`

The former forces me to write a good multi-line commit message, and the latter allows to stage changes partially in an interactive mode.

I'm experimenting with HEY World as a something-something-micro-blog-as-a-service. Let's see if it becomes a habit.

Spawning daemons on Linux machines proves that Linux is a satanic invention created to harvest our minds and souls.

Checkmate Linux fans. 👹

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Public service announcement: stop wasting your time on computer science.

Pushing a set of AWS Lambda changes to the cloud so I can test them in my frontend.

Mainframe computing of the 1960s, I love how you never went away but migrated to be a core part of 21st-century cloud computing. 🙃

When asked about fears of automation in 1969, Arthur C. Clarke famously said that we shouldn't worry about automation: "the goal of the future is full unemployment, so we can play." I have never seen his answer quoted in full.

You know #Slack has failed when every message starts with @here or @channel

I saw a meme about cats interrupting you because they want to copy the hooman, and she’s not a bother anyway but we set up a mat for her and:

A common denominator for the above is that they are included in the version control. No Confluence or external wiki sites, no messy email threads, and no digging up information from Slack messages. Only plain text files preferably formatted as Markdown.

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💎 Architectural Decision Records (ADRs) for proposing and explaining significant changes to the architecture.
💎 file for a birds-eye view of your technical solution.
💎 file for efficiently onboarding new team members.
💎 file and a Code of Conduct for making your open-source work inclusive and enjoyable for contributors.

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Instead of booking repetitive meetings, establish these solid communication practices in your software project.

💎 Well-written commit messages telling *why* you made *that* change. Use the Conventional Commits spec.
💎 Functional tests describing how you intend your functions, classes, and interfaces to be used.

How developers discuss about requirements with clients? It's a game of mouse and turtle.

I don't really understand why people are talking about Clubhouse at all. Has their use case not already been long solved by Teamspeak, Mumble, Discord, Zoom, Skype, Jitsi and so on?

Played some Red Dead Redemption 2 where I came across a drunk old slave owner. I robbed him, thrashed his place, hogtied him and finally dropped him onto a bonfire.

The last one was an accident, though, because I intended to drop him on a railroad tracks.

More like Red Dead Radical.

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