I'm not a violent person, honestly, but wait till I get my hands on the browser's developer tools. You nasty HTML nodes are going down rough. ☠️

Rarely is there a more satisfying event than a poorly coded website shoveling a pop-up modal box on your face only to be targeted and shot down by an ad-blocker.

Click, boom, and enjoy your stay.

Jargon proposal: surburban architecture.

Each module of your codebase is analogous to a family household. Obviously they're all completely bonkers internally, but when the other modules are around the good china comes out and they're on their best behaviour.

You need to store the same data in XML and Json for different cache layers? Fine, no problem, behind closed doors you do you, but we do NOT talk about it in front of the Login-Pages, we are a RESPECTABLE module thankyou very much.

I could use some hand in adding MDX support to my Gatsby blog. If you know your way around Javascript and React, here's an issue up for grabbing.


For all the biohackers aspiring to be Human 2.0. Remember that your upgrade will come with breaking changes. You are no longer compatible with earlier models and will likely die alone.

The things in X-Men: Dark Phoenix are Zimmer's score and a legion of Indian VFX people programming Jean Grey's floating flame hair.

Otherwise, it's a chaotic mess from the series that should have ended two films ago. I'd rather watch Charles and Eric play chess for two hours.

How does one redirect all `FILE_NOT_FOUND` statuses to a custom 404 page with @zeithq@twitter.com? Would something like this placed as the last route in now.json file work?

macOS defaulting its shell to ZSH instead of Bash in future versions is a tremendous productivity step forward.
But fellow developers, why not push further and…

🐟 `brew install fish`


Amazon states it's not shipping Kindle devices to Finland so where do folks buy these from?

Or would you even recommend Kindle? Got a pile of e-books on PDF and ePub I'd like to get reading. Freedom from DRM nastiness is endorsed!

The Remote Development Extension pack, which is limited to the Insiders version for now, is also a bliss if you develop anything over SSH or in WSL.

Have had doubts about switching from Stable version? Drop them and install here: code.visualstudio.com/insiders

Sure, there's some roughness on the edges and new features are not obvious at first glance before reading the official release notes. That doesn't interrupt my daily work, though.

I've used VS @code@twitter.com Insiders version for several months now and have encountered zero deal-breaking bugs while receiving all the nice updates faster.

This is exactly how you should ship a nightly version of your product.

Q: How many software developers does it take to screw in a lightbulb?


via @ThePracticalDev@twitter.com

HBO's Chernobyl is depressing to the point I have to watch Handmaid's Tale to lift me up. Damn.

Who needs a summer cottage when you can sit in a yard swing next to your house all summer long? instagram.com/p/ByFgaxgFamc/?i

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