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Functional programming is a concept I've grown fond of, but it's been a rocky road. In my blog, I try to explain the usage of higher-order functions as clearly as I can using password validation as an example. A bold attempt has been made, so read on.

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🔥Some people are often puzzled about my setup – and the font I use – or just want to hear my recommendations for a given task. Check out my personal /uses page for the tools I use.

I've effectively turned off line length limits from all my code linters and turned on soft wrapping. It's high time all of us put an end to this 80-character madness.

"If you choose to use a 80-column terminal, you can live with the line
wrapping. It's just that simple."

I've often wondered why images look horribly cropped on Mastodon until expanded. Turns out, I had this option checked.

Now my timeline images look a LOT better. 👏

On a related note, Snowpiercer TV series adaptation in Netflix is rocking. A bit of Murder on the Orient Express with freezing dystopia.

Don't believe the IMDb rating, though, it's been hammered down by Internet toddlers who are choking on the fact that main characters are a woman and and a black man.

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Registered for the Amazon Prime free trial to watch Picard series but the service insists I'm traveling abroad and would only let me watch it through CBS free trial. Is this how it's supposed to work?

Well, at least there is Good Omens to watch which is top notch Gaiman.

According to Uncle Bob, all the approaches to programming take something fundamental away from us.

Functional programming takes away our ability to write majority of the bugs since we are not allowed to mutate data easily.


Star Trek Voyager versus DS9 

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Started a discussion thread about Mastodon on Two services I'd like to see interconnected in the future.

Are you a dev posting to DEV? If so, reply to me and I'll follow.

Sometimes I pretend my electric toothbrush is a sonic screwdriver.

Wife: "why is there toothpaste everywhere?"
Me: 🤷‍♀️
Me: "must have been the kids."

Developer Pro Tip:

When you copy code from stackoverflow, make sure it's from the answer, not the question.

SF 10-33

Live fire/police scanner audio from San Francisco processed and mixed with ambient and experimental music.

A surreal audio zeitgeist of the city.

Are there any particular programming languages, technologies, or platforms you have identified strongly with and defended them to death?

I admit having fought several battles against naysayers who haven't understood the charm of Python or that every application benefits from putting it into a container. Let alone arguing with people who dared to declare PHP dead.

One remarkable step of becoming a professional is to understand how useless this is. We should solve problems, not pick fights.

Just learned that you can hover over an RGB hexstring in VS Code, and it will show you a handy color picker modal. Seems to have been there since 2017. Nice.

A housewife 🤝 Anyone
being able to iron a shirt

I trusted our government in handling the epidemic. Then they reopened schools even though there were only a couple of weeks left for summer vacations. Many students and staff are now under quarantine.

How can you accomplish this? 🤦‍♂️

Once there is API access I'll have to try using it as a CMS since it's very swift for writing blog posts too.

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Notion offers now a free personal plan without limits.

It's the first, and probably only, note-taking app I don't hate using. And I've tried a lot of them from Evernote, Simplenote, and Joplin to managing notes as text files.

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