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Hey folks! Could you lend a hand?

I have a #Mapillary verification project, to validate local fire hydrants , to help improve local hazard maps.

I repurpose the many pill bottles that come my way - they are handy - but at some point I'll have as many as I need so it'd be even better if they were made from easily recyclable plastic. Ditto my asthma inhalers (which I haven't yet come up with a way to repurpose). #rpt

Trying again: A survey of quite a few very nice alternatives to Slack and Hipchat. Frankly, using a proprietary chat is just silly nowadays. There's no reason to hand your community/company's tacit knowledge to a 3rd party to hold hostage on their terms (which is what the proprietary options are effectively doing). Other reasons why using proprietary chat like Slack is a bad idea:

This is the chicken “sandwich” from the cart between Leed St and Eva St in Wellington. Recommended.

RT @openstreetmap
Our map serving load is increasingly spread over cache servers located worldwide, with donated hardware and hosting. At the moment we'd love a new server donation located in Brazil or Australia/New Zealand! :

The West Coast Wilderness Trail is very beautiful. Managed to avoid the rain showers that seem to be common here.

There’s a few things missing from the chart - server emissions, food/milk/coffee, staff transport emissions and more.

We will add these in as we can get the numbers for them.

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We've started to measure our CO2 emissions at work, and using these figures to help decide where to direct our efforts.

I'd encourage other businesses to investigate where your emissions come from, so that you can get maximum benefit from your efforts.

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