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Another cool Mastodon app I've been using is Mast by local user @JPEG:

It feels "the most iOS" of all the Mastodon apps I've tried, nice polish 👍

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Singapore seems to be the home of automation. They seem to have minimised the human component to another level. Lots of vending machines, and machine ordering kiosks at restaurants.

We hit our 500 millionth hit for AddressFinder last week. Seems like it was not that long ago we were at 100m

Really enjoying @pcperini's Tusk iOS app: clean and creative. I got my TestFlight build from here:

Do you know about WeeklyOSM? Every week a team of volunteers produce a summary of what's going on in the #OpenStreetMap world, and it's available into 8 languages (English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish. Czech, Korean and Swahili)!

Question: how do you join another Mastodon community without having to signup for yet another login and password? Is it possible?

Pinafore is a mobile-friendly web app for Mastodon that’s also great on the desktop

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