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@lightweight yes and yes. Was with Ecotricity, went to Flick for a while, then returned to a Ecotricity. They’re great. We’ve recently switched to them at work too.

@lightweight it seems as if IPv6 was a thing 4 years ago, but ISPs have given up on it. The IPv6 task force website hasn’t been updated for several years.

@lightweight do you know if there are a list of ISPs that offer IPv6 in New Zealand?

@lightweight it’s really hard to get IPv6 configured when your ISP doesn’t support it. It always seems like something that will be important in the future, but not right now.

@lightweight so you have IPv6 from home my any chance? I used to have it with BigPipe before they went all corporate

@lightweight yes their prices seem very similar. Will definitely investigate further.

@lightweight oh yeah, we have servers with all of them. But their CO2 emissions are uncertain, especially the Australian based servers.

@lightweight they offer server management as a service. Think Heroku, but on your own/cloud infrastructure. Saves so much on ops spending.

@lightweight we use Cloud 66 to retain cloud provider flexibility. Try to avoid lock in.

@lightweight yeah there is that. So many variables to juggle when selecting cloud hosting.

@lightweight it is difficult to get hard facts on Australian based emissions from cloud providers. But as I understand it, Google Cloud is net carbon zero. Consequently, Abletech are actively investigating the move to GCP. But, I’d really like to know this for sure.

@lightweight although induction can draw a lot of current, if would be rare to do this for a prolonged period - food would just burn.

Yes, any extra energy we used will come from the grid. Same will happen when our EV is plugged in and cloud moves in front of the sun. Oh well.

@lightweight we’ve had induction for years and loved it. Had a bit of a bad experience with a gas hob. Probably a poor design of the stovetop. Anyway, we’re glad we made the switch.

The only downside is that we’ve somehow managed to crack x2 of the glass tops. Don’t know how, but insurance has covered it both times.

@lightweight is like to get a battery at some stage too, but they’re too expensive at the moment. Maybe in a year or two once the battery market balances out.

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