This is what home delivered milk looks like - in a 1 litre glass bottle.

The milk is unclassified, it’s not blue top or “trim” or full fat, etc. It’s just “milk”.

Tastes very nice, quite creamy.

From Ekatahuna Country Meats in the Wairarapa.

Manawatu River on a very warm, still May day. Very unusual for Palmerston North.

This is the chicken “sandwich” from the cart between Leed St and Eva St in Wellington. Recommended.

The West Coast Wilderness Trail is very beautiful. Managed to avoid the rain showers that seem to be common here.

We've started to measure our CO2 emissions at work, and using these figures to help decide where to direct our efforts.

I'd encourage other businesses to investigate where your emissions come from, so that you can get maximum benefit from your efforts.

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