Question for all you sysadmins out there... are you systems all configured for IPv6? Seems like I've run into a bunch of problems recently due to the slow but relentless IPv6 transition... and now all our stuff is configured for either 4 or 6 (just addressing the last laggard bits today)... but I see that much of the web is not... It's gonna start getting painful for some.

@lightweight it’s really hard to get IPv6 configured when your ISP doesn’t support it. It always seems like something that will be important in the future, but not right now.

@nigel yes, true, although it is possible to make sure your websites respond to it correctly even if your local connection doesn't support it (mine didn't until yesterday, but I made those changes months ago)...

@lightweight do you know if there are a list of ISPs that offer IPv6 in New Zealand?

@nigel not that I know of. I just know I had sudden problems with my Vodafone fibre connection this morning (I could only see sites via IPv6 addresses!) and rang them. They changed something that fixed it, but I now have an external IPv6 address...


@lightweight it seems as if IPv6 was a thing 4 years ago, but ISPs have given up on it. The IPv6 task force website hasn’t been updated for several years.

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