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I’ve recently migrated from Medium to a self hosted static website. Here’s why it did it.

Seeking help completing a challenge to populate all the drinking water fountains in Wellington, NZ.

New EV van from LDV now available in NZ. Quick summary of features here:

This is what home delivered milk looks like - in a 1 litre glass bottle.

The milk is unclassified, it’s not blue top or “trim” or full fat, etc. It’s just “milk”.

Tastes very nice, quite creamy.

From Ekatahuna Country Meats in the Wairarapa.

On a wet wet night, riding an ebike home is the fastest transport by far. 12 mins to Northland.

If you find yourself sitting in cars now and then, this might be interesting to you and help you prevent accidents.
So if you open a cars door from the inside, you open the door with the hand that's not next to the door. This means that you turn around you body which automatically turns your vision in the direction where other cars or bikes might come from.

I was taught this early on I believe, anyways this is the way I have always done it.

#dutchReach #bike

@nigel SparkNZ are able to do eSIM for iPhones that have eSIM support - the XR and XS right now, I think - and maybe for Android phones that have eSIM.

Basically, rock up to a store and port your SIM in. Works great. 😄

Manawatu River on a very warm, still May day. Very unusual for Palmerston North.

Come and join @Abletech as a front-end developer with this fully paid internship role in lovely Wellington

Hey folks! Could you lend a hand?

I have a #Mapillary verification project, to validate local fire hydrants , to help improve local hazard maps.

I repurpose the many pill bottles that come my way - they are handy - but at some point I'll have as many as I need so it'd be even better if they were made from easily recyclable plastic. Ditto my asthma inhalers (which I haven't yet come up with a way to repurpose). #rpt

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