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Great to see Austin FC playing a solid game. Two first goals by two great new players. 2-0 ⚽️

Agent Mobius has access to many different soft drinks across the timeline, and he makes a choice that I would have made: Josta.

Rainy week in Austin. Hoping for some good thunderstorms! ⛈

About to go get a haircut for the first time in months. 💇🏻‍♂️

I just used Hey to block someone from sending me an unsolicited Ruby on Rails job posting.

So, thanks to Basecamp for building: a technology that makes me attractive to recruiters; and a technology I can use to ignore them.

Today my wife surprised me with ube mochi donuts from Bom Bakeshop! 💕🍩💕

@ttscoff Sendy looks really cool! I just signed up for your newsletter, but I have a Safari extension that prevents connecting to HTTP sites. (I added an exception so I could get through the signup). Could you set up HTTPS on your sendy subdomain? Maybe via LetsEncrypt? I appreciate everything you do, thanks!

I had fun today helping out the Archive Team with their quick-turnaround project to archive all of Parler. Good to get everything stored off somewhere for future historical analysis before it is shut off for good at midnight. Good riddance.

It’s funny how conservatives want Big Government to step in to prevent natural market forces from sorting out how to run social media platforms.

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