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My wife and I tried out climbing at Austin Bouldering Project last Friday. It was a blast!

I just started reading the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. I appreciate his attention to detail and willingness to be open about the complexities behind his British Cycling example in the first chapter. Read his update here.

@nertzy I can’t wait. It’ll be my first venture into game development.

I’m getting excited about Play Date, an upcoming handheld video game system from Panic. They released an update and things are looking really good for a release later this year!

the hamster dance is your chance to do the ham

Prediction: Mastodon will likely outlast Twitter.

Historically, decentralized, open-source platforms and protocols with any adoption run forever, even if they rarely reach the popularity or cultural relevance of centralized platforms.

It seems likely to me that when Twitter eventually shuts down, people will still be running Mastodon instances.

Did you know Diaspora has 328 active nodes and 17k users? Hell, there are 3,652 active FidoNet nodes, and that started in 1984!

So... am I wrong?

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