Compiling a Linux kernel by hand for the first time in about a decade. Wish me luck!

OOf that was a tough loss. A lot of fun to watch! ⚽️

Going through my vinyl collection. Found this “club reaction” form in a promo copy of an early Chemical Brothers remix.

I solved Semantle #41 in 24 guesses. My first guess had a similarity of 3.94. My first word in the top 1000 was at guess #14. My penultimate guess had a similarity of 69.32.

Absurdle 6/∞


The Gift of It’s Your Problem Now - apenwarr:

Free software is a gift.

Here’s the thing about gifts: the sender chooses them, not the recipient.

“Can you imagine having your entire adult identity wrapped up in something? Like, this is the only thing you’ve done? Can you imagine how hard it would be to admit that it has hurt people?”

Unfriended: Frances Haugen on Her Facebook Testimony and What Comes Next

I am reading this article and finding that I agree with what it says is happening.

Should we cool it with the historical present? - the blog

Great to see Austin FC playing a solid game. Two first goals by two great new players. 2-0 ⚽️

Agent Mobius has access to many different soft drinks across the timeline, and he makes a choice that I would have made: Josta.

Rainy week in Austin. Hoping for some good thunderstorms! ⛈

About to go get a haircut for the first time in months. 💇🏻‍♂️

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