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So there's apparently a kid's book called toot & puddle and I'm only assuming it has nothing to do with hornt posting on mastodon but it totally could

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does real estate mean theres some sorta fake estate too

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race, Gab discourse & 'good guys' 

People measuring the impacts of climate change in dollar values are missing the point

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In not angsty whiny news, sonic mania is a 10/10 game

Proposal for a Fake News(tm) filter:

any article whose title has the words "supercharge", "boost", "energize", "economy", "BREAKING NEWS" or "blasts" is fake bullshit

Children prove that Stockholm syndrome is real

Put the librachip in my brain and knock me out so I can be done spending 8 hours a day on waiting to live fam

Things that can die: calling repos an app store

A friend on my feed recently shared a story about a day in the life of a Facebook moderator, which unsurprisingly isn't a great time. After reading it they were asking themself if they could genuinely leave Facebook. That inspired me to ask the question on my feed "What keeps you on Facebook?", hoping that I could write about my experience leaving and what I did to replace the things that kept me there. Enjoy!

edit: new URL

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