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Helped some dudes at the thrift store get set up with a VGA cable for their monitor they bought there cause they thought I worked there because I was wearing my work clothes lol.

I was like "I don't work here, buuuut the cables are over there"

That was pretty fun, especially since two people from the same group independently asked me haha. The look from the guy who asked me the first time as the second guy started asking was pretty priceless too.

Helping others is praxis.


Also it federates with people's bookmarks or something? I dunno, just spitballin.

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What we need is search engines so easy to self-host that we can overcome the influence money & state have on Google, et al.

Like searx but less of a pain in the ass to install.

@Antanicus Debian's latest release is fairly decent, would recommend

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Windows 10 just restarted for updates four hours into a 19-hour hard disk diagnostic test

I decided to do an open letter for my 25th birthday. It's definitely weird being an adult, but I'm hoping to get back into music and find time for exciting new stuff. Mostly I just wanted to let people who haven't heard from me in a while know how things are going. Hope you're doing well!

You know the fact that I still get a happy birthday email from DCEmu even though I haven't used it in years is pretty heart warming.

More meaningful than a Team Snapchat vid anyway

@yakkoj I dunno it basically "just werked" so now I can access my media share anywhere

@jacek that's one of the appeals yeah. And if I keep it on the LAN I could use it to access nextcloud anyway

@yakkoj OK, update - this is fucking dooooope.

Just copy-pasted the commands from the openWRT wiki and it worked flawlessly.

Now i'm trying to get samba to work but that seems slightly more challenging

EDIT: jk just had to manually enter the hostname

This is fucking dope

@yakkoj Noice, I mean I can obviously do both vpn and nextcloud but that could be useful

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Is there any really big benefit to setting up a VPN on my home network to access my home devices (already have a "privacy" vpn) or should I just use nextcloud and be done with it?

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