Hello friends!

I have moved to weirder.earth, in an effort to take mastodon more seriously as a way to find community, positivity and growth.

Feel free to follow me here: weirder.earth/@pootz

@darius haven't read through this yet but omfg the aesthetic of the site is fucking beautiful

@yaaps communities, tech, music, a revolution.

Lots of stuff lmao

@canary going through the list and already i'm more intrigued by the convos than single issue instances

To elaborate, I've noticed that browsing facebook and reddit stories, and sometimes even my own rss feed can become alienating and depressing. Then when I come to masto, sometimes I get the same thing.

However it's the only place people usually respond in a genuine way when I bring this subject up, so that's positive.

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@sillystring@infosec.exchange yeah, either a project or a community that would be good for sharing stuff

@sillystring@infosec.exchange i'm among the insufferable political types, but I think I might just need to figure out a good project to get involved in, regardless of the fediverse.

I dunno, what i'm looking for admittedly either though

@canary that makes sense. I've been contemplating searching around for a new instance, but finding one is a bit of a challenge.

@ScottMortimer even in the federated feed I have a hard time finding engaging communities. Maybe I just need to follow the right people or maybe the feed format just doesn't really help you build relationships without other tools to facilitate that.

Sure I should just go in the real world but I remember when I could message random people on the internet and make a friend.

Now I don't get that.

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I feel like the tech instances are cool but I don't have much sense of community and the political instances are cool because people "get it" but often mildly insufferable, because I get it you know how to read political books

My main question is how do I find a healthy, motivating community to be a part of?

None of the online spaces other than facebook are places where I even feel like having conversations means anything or will go anywhere so when I do post it's just depressive pessimistic shit

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@shoutcacophony @dajbelshaw @shoutcacophony This is from 2016. What would be more relevant today is follow-up. Has this model been verified? Has our knowledge of this model been used to prevent abuse? Has someone developed mechanisms that rely on this model?

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