What we need is search engines so easy to self-host that we can overcome the influence money & state have on Google, et al.

Like searx but less of a pain in the ass to install.

Also it federates with people's bookmarks or something? I dunno, just spitballin.

@nergalur Ooooh! Sounds like you want Odysseus!

I started it in part to explore these ideas.

@nergalur It's a web browser I'm implementing.

And perhaps the feature I'm most excited to implement is to merge the results from multiple registered (smaller) search engines into a single display, optionally including browser history. And I'm looking to aid sharing of bookmarks in order to help build those smaller search engines, entirely at the discretion of the surfer ofcourse.

So far I've implemented top sites, personalized recommendations, and webfeed discovery.

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