I feel like the tech instances are cool but I don't have much sense of community and the political instances are cool because people "get it" but often mildly insufferable, because I get it you know how to read political books

My main question is how do I find a healthy, motivating community to be a part of?

None of the online spaces other than facebook are places where I even feel like having conversations means anything or will go anywhere so when I do post it's just depressive pessimistic shit


I'll give you a boost.

What else are you into? I find the political types insufferable but the #bsd, #linux, and #infoSec folks have been interesting to chat with.

Good luck in your search!

@sillystring i'm among the insufferable political types, but I think I might just need to figure out a good project to get involved in, regardless of the fediverse.

I dunno, what i'm looking for admittedly either though


heh, do any of us know what we're really looking for?

i like your idea of looking for a project.


@sillystring yeah, either a project or a community that would be good for sharing stuff


i tend to circle back to communities i've been in before. sometimes this can spawn new ideas. for example i've recently rejoined a local user group. a few grey beards and students. lists.blu.org/mailman/listinfo

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