I feel like the tech instances are cool but I don't have much sense of community and the political instances are cool because people "get it" but often mildly insufferable, because I get it you know how to read political books

My main question is how do I find a healthy, motivating community to be a part of?

None of the online spaces other than facebook are places where I even feel like having conversations means anything or will go anywhere so when I do post it's just depressive pessimistic shit


It's tough to find an all-around good Mastodon community. This is where the "federation" part comes in. Just find an instance you like enough to be a part of and use it to connect to others from other instances based on your interests. DO NOT simply stay in the local feed or you will find only a limited number of interesting folks.


@ScottMortimer even in the federated feed I have a hard time finding engaging communities. Maybe I just need to follow the right people or maybe the feed format just doesn't really help you build relationships without other tools to facilitate that.


I look at what other people are boosting and whom they are following and use that as a basis for my interactions. Create an interesting toot, see who comments , boosts, or follows you and go from there.


I just followed you because you seem like an interesting, thoughtful person. Now we're connected. 😀

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