Is there any really big benefit to setting up a VPN on my home network to access my home devices (already have a "privacy" vpn) or should I just use nextcloud and be done with it?

@nergalur Habing minimal outside attack surface is always somewhat valuable.

VPN endpoint has IMO much less surface than some big webapp.

@jacek that's one of the appeals yeah. And if I keep it on the LAN I could use it to access nextcloud anyway

@nergalur as far as I know, nextcloud doesn't allow me to SSH into my computers at home, so I use openvpn ;o)

@yakkoj Noice, I mean I can obviously do both vpn and nextcloud but that could be useful

@yakkoj OK, update - this is fucking dooooope.

Just copy-pasted the commands from the openWRT wiki and it worked flawlessly.

Now i'm trying to get samba to work but that seems slightly more challenging

EDIT: jk just had to manually enter the hostname

This is fucking dope

@nergalur I hadn't been brave enough to try SMB over the VPN, mostly due to dreading having to debug the config

@yakkoj I dunno it basically "just werked" so now I can access my media share anywhere

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