Does anyone know if there's conversations ongoing in the free software community around *why* software isn't free?

Like stallman is all "closed source is bad ethics m'kay", but makes it seem like a choice which is where a lot of people seem to be. Ignoring how market competition makes closed source not only appealing, but an actual advantage to competition.

Like yeah you can make your shit open source and it's still possible to make a profit. But you can make way more if you monopolize platforms/code.


@nergalur If you couldn't tell, I like this rant/discussion.

And when it comes to financing personal libre software projects, I must say I feel lucky just to have gotten donations at all. Haven't yet gotten a living, but I think I'm figuring out something I'm happy with.



Glad to hear it :). It's less than ideal I'm sure but for those who can dedicate their time to creating free software I'm sure grateful

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