@neothefox GNOME 3 divided the #Linux community and has been harming it to this day.

@neoncipher @neothefox When Micro$oft bought GitHub, they put Nat Friedman in charge, one of the founders of GNOME. Two week before, GNOME gets an anon $1M dollar donation, a tax-free bonus. GNOME is also Ubuntu's official DE while Micro$oft has been collaborating with Canonical for a few years now, to which is more likely the reason they dropped having an official Ubuntu phone. Canonical is also the reason WSL exists and for the Qt push. Qt helps W10/Linux developers while GTK is for Linux/UNIX

@neoncipher @neothefox partners.ubuntu.com/microsoft

As well as:
BitDefender, Cisco, Google Cloud Platform, Intel, Oracle, TMobile, Verizon, and many more.

And the sad part of being used to fuck us all over (I don't know how informed Ubuntu users sleep at night), neither Goolag or Micro$oft actually use Ubuntu as far as creating a desktop OS. Microsoft's WLinux is based off of Debian (go team) and Goolag uses Gentoo for ChrimeOS.

They only "heart" Linux (Ubuntu) for the free labor and IoT devices.

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