Finally, thanks to black friday I have 32GBs of ram!
Now I can run two electron apps at once!

I know it's a bit late, but I loved the shit out of these cosplayers at

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The ESRB is meant to have “in-game purchases” listed on boxes for games with microtransactions. When games patch them in after launch, we have to do a box patch too.


How to tell if something survived the middle ages? You can try and look for ICQ numbers on the walls.

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Just got myself some 2020 alu profile, time to do some :sm64_u: :sm64_p: :sm64_g: :sm64_r: :sm64_a: :sm64_d: :sm64_e: :sm64_s:

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Now, it's now the moment to withstand the oppression! Stand up now, or this time will really be too late.
BREAKING: Assange has been arrested for extradition to the United States for publishing.

PETG, on the other hand, left me a bit down, stringing, corner lifting, not that strong either. I have to insulate my bed better and try higher temps since I can't get past 65 without overheating the board under it

Printing with SBS can be tricky but it's a nice plastic, love it so far

Ugh, a random Chinese manufacturer that made my USB hub that I have on my front panel forgot to take off the film that protects metal parts during CNC milling, and it was ungrounded to my case this whole time. And I wondered why my PC would shock me and reboot once in a while. Even after taking the film off, the USB slots aren't grounded to the case, so I had to solder on a wire from one of the ports to the metal. Yes, they forgot to ground the screws. I almost killed my SSD for this shit.

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I've just managed to enable freesync with the latest Mesa 19.0 and Linux 5.0-rc1, and Holy shit, great work, Mesa devs and AMD, this is amazing. Even on my 75Hz monitor.

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*Dr.Liz shows up*
*audience claps*
Dr.Liz: Long card
*clapping intensifies*

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